Set your goals high but not your expectations. ~Dove

Thursday, March 6, 2014


It's been quite some time since I have logged into my blog.  Life has been good, crazy, busy... but happy.

I have moved twice, to two different states.  I have had a second baby.  I no longer work in an office full time.  Instead I am home being a Mum, and working as a travel consultant offering complimentary concierge service.

I will be growing another year older this month.

Some things stay the same...

I love to run.
I love using organic products.
I love eating healthy, as much as possible.
I love being a Mum.

So many of the same things are important to me, but over the past few years I have learned to let a lot go.  Unfortunately taking time away from blogging was one of those things.  I have focused on myself, my family, and new routines.  Looking back on the past is like looking at a different life, a different me.  I was younger, of course, and I wonder how I will perceive myself now when I look back in the next few years.

Did I give enough hugs.  Did I remember to tell them I loved them every day?  Will my kids remember these days we've had together while they're so little?  My little people will know I love them, will know I will give hugs whenever they need it, even when they think they don't.

What about you?  What do you hope to remember?  Will you have good memories too?  I hope there are a few things we can all tuck away in our minds and hold on to forever.

Friday, June 24, 2011

5 years ago...

5 years ago I said 'I do' and I haven't imagined my life being any better.
5 years ago he and I lived in an apt.
5 years ago we were younger and ambitious.
Since then, we have travelled around the world, and we have gained new experiences.  We've established a life together, rescued a cat, and we became a unit. 
Since then, we've bought our first home, and have completed a few renovations together. 
Since then, we have had a child, taken in another stray cat, and raised 4 kittens.
Today we celebrate our life together.  We made our commitment 5 years ago and I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's been quite a break, but it was important.

First of all, I've missed blogging.  I've thought about it, but honestly, it's been nice taking a break.  I've had some time to focus on other projects.  I hope to blog about everything that has been going on soon.  But for now, it'll be getting back into the swing of things.  Breaks are always good from time to time.  I use blogging to help me reflect, sort out, and compartmentalize my thoughts.

Lately my thoughts have been centered around walking a marathon.  I've been trying to train for the walk, but it's been hard to actually find the hours to get walking.  I can easily do 2 miles here and there, but to find the time for 10 miles is awkward right now.  But I know it'll need to happen soon.  26.2 miles is quite the walk and I don't want to go into the walk unprepared.  For some who aren't familiar, the walk is for the Jimmy Fund in Boston.  I am walking to raise money for Neuroblastoma Research.  There was a local family who was affected by this terrible disease.  Their daughter was diagnosed at 22 months old.  16 months later she lost her battle.  Her smile, her life, and her story has affected many people.  I have committed to walk to hopefully help end this dreadful nightmare for other children who are fighting this disease or other children who may face this disease in the future. 

Taking the time to reflect on what's important has led me to this path and I look forward to marathon day.  There wasn't a moment where I questioned if I would walk or not.  My only question was: How do I sign up?  This little girl was only 3 years old when she lost her battle, but her message was clear then and even more brighter today.  No matter how tough life can be, there is no excuse but to smile and keep your head held high.  Take one step in front of the other and move forward.  It's easier to make a difference for our future than to try and turn back time. 


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