Set your goals high but not your expectations. ~Dove

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Using the potty

My 19 month old son has been interested in the potty for about a month now.  We introduced the potty to him and he sits on the potty before bath time.  Two nights ago he actually went pee pee on the potty!  My husband was there with him while I was getting the tub ready for bath time.  Unfortunately for my husband, there was some pee pee on him.  He wasn't too thrilled and didn't show much excitement towards our son.  But I immediately jumped in to shout, cheer, and give high fives as my little boy sat proud on his potty. 

We have a seat that fits on top of our toilet seat.  It seems to work well to set him there to go potty.  I haven't invested in a small toddler potty, and not sure if I will. 

Now that J has gone  pee pee on the potty I'm now thinking about a reward system for him.  I hear sticker charts or M&Ms work well.  I may start with the stickers first to see how he responds to them.  We also have a three day weekend coming up and I'm really thinking about taking this opportunity to work with J and the potty.  Only if he seems ready for it. 

I understand it could take boys a while to potty train, but I'm hoping that since he's showing interest now, we'll be able to use this window of opportunity to learn how to use the potty.

What about you?  Do you have any tips on what worked for you when potty training your kid(s)?

...We all scream for ice scream!

We were hot and sticky from being outside all afternoon.  It was a humid day.  The restaurant was air conditioned and empty.  We had the place to ourselves.  A perfect time to rest. 

A perfect time for a snack.  A very cold snack.

Ice cream!

We've shared ice cream before, but never like this.

A twist in a cone please!  And a bowl with spoon on the side... just in case.

You were in heaven.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Returning to blogging


I took a week off of blogging.  Actually, I took a week off from my daily routines and work for a much needed vacation.  It was hard in the beginning.  I thought about writing here, but I decided to give my computer a rest.  I had so much on my brain, so much to type here. 

Did I mention how much I needed a vacation?  But now I feel like I have writers block.  I have lots to share, I just don't know where to begin.  All my thoughts are swirling in my head.

I'll get back into the swing of things soon, I am sure of it.  I just have a few things I need to sort out in my life before I can sit and post.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Honesty is the best policy

I'm not a good liar.  I become too guilty when I try to lie.  People can see right through me.  So please, don't ask me to lie, ever. 

Apparently there are people who feel there is nothing wrong with lying.  They live their lies until they've become a reality.  But it's never really real, is it?  If you're living the lie, how could it be real?  Especially when there are multiple lies told and there are multiple people involved who are also being lied to, that's never a good combination.  The liar is always caught in their lies.  It may take time, but karma comes back. 

So if you lie, or are thinking about lying.  Please... PLEASE... think about why you're lying. 

I send my 19 month old son to a school five days a week.  I have to work, so he goes to school.  He loves the kids there.  Unfortunately there have been lies from the caregivers.  Lies about the laws, the rules, and the regulations.  The parents were kept in the dark with a lot of things, but after all the mothers received a call from the state, we have uncovered too many horrifying evidence of lies.  I do blame myself for not investigating things earlier on.  I wish I had been more involved with doing background checks.  I wish things didn't have to end, for the sake of the kids.

The state develops rules and guidelines for the kids.  And the kids alone.  Adults are not taken into consideration when the rules for the kids are involved.  The state watches out for the kids, that's their job.  I appreciate what they do for their job, but as a parent, I wish they could speak more frankly with me.  If I'm not hearing the truth from the owner, where can I hear the truth?

In time, I am sure, things will become good again.  But we're in limbo right now.  J's new school won't be available for him until this fall.  So we're stuck in a bubble and I'm having a hard time feeling grounded.

Do you have any horror stories from daycares?  Do you feel like sharing? 


Our family vacation ended yesterday.  I'm really sad to be back at work today.  So many things happened during my week off, it will take some time to share here.  But in a nutshell, here's what happened:

We had a successful yard sale!
J got real sick with the hand, foot, mouth disease.
We went on a train ride, a really BIG train.
We went to Story Land :)
I go the hand, foot, mouth disease :(
We went to the Zoo!
We went to the beach.
We spent three long days at home and the weather was beautiful!

There is also drama with J's school, and issues with the state regulations and the daycare owners lies.  It's a terrible mess.  Someday, maybe I'll share it all here.  But for now, it's still such a heated mess, my stomach is in knots and it's hard to talk about.  For now, I'll just mention he has a new school but cannot start until October.  I just wish I didn't have to deal with all of this WHILE on vacation.  It's also hard when my husband can't talk about it because it's such a mess.  So I'm left to deal with it all myself.  I'll definitely need to write a post about that soon.

But I'm greatful for the time I had with my family. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm an only child.  So I'm rather close to my parents.  My parents are close to their siblings.  I'm also the youngest of my first generation cousins.  So growing up I was always the baby of the family.  Most of my cousins are at least 10 years older than me.  There was a generation gap between me and them.  But I do have a few cousins that are closer to my age. 

Growing up my parents and I lived an hour away from the others.  But we visited them very frequently.  Between holidays and birthdays, there was and is always something to do.  We still gather together for birthdays, no matter how old you are, that persons birthday somehow snowballs into a larger crowd.

Some of my cousins have children, which make them my second cousins.  These second cousins are much older in ages ranging from 21 to 7.  My 18 month old son falls well below the age bracket in the family. 

My husband and I live further away from where my parents still live.  We're even farther from the family I used to visit frequently as a child.  Over the years our traditions have changed but since having a baby I see the family is trying to keep traditions for the sake of the new generation: my son. 

Since I grew up an only child and the youngest member in the family, there were always 'older' people around.  When there were kids at a party, I felt it was awkward to socialize with them.  But I got along just fine. 

Despite the distance I have with my family, I hope my son feels just as close as I had with my family growing up.  I hope he is able to develop special bonds and memories during the time we do spend together. 

Somehow I feel he's establishing that bond already with my parents.  We try to see them once a month and sometimes we see them twice a month.  But almost every day my kid talks about his Bumpa and Nana.  He plays pretend and calls them on the phone.  We look at their pictures hanging on the fridge and he squeals with glee... BUMPA!  NA-NA!  And he smiles.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Etsy Mugs

I love unique, rustic, large-handled, comforting mugs.  I love looking at them, admiring them, and determining if I'd drink coffee, tea, or cocoa out of the mug. 

This mug screams coffee to me... rich, bold, dark coffee.  I love the scrolling details in the handle too. 

I would love to sip hot tea from this mug.  And look at that LARGE handle!  I can almost see myself sitting on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket, and resting my hand through that handle and wrapping my fingers around the mug...

This set is adorable!  They hold about 1 cup.  Perferct to use for tea as a side beverage.  I would use this type of cup during my mid-morning snack.  (Yes I have mid-morning snacks!)

This mug looks so dainty, but it holds 20 ounces.  This would be my I'd-like-to-be-on-vacation-right-now mug.

This is just a silly mug!  This would be the perfect mug to keep at work.  The seller makes these for righty or lefty's too and even has all kinds of animals too.

I'm not one for designs of my mugs but this mug of trees is interesting.  The handle is inviting and I can see this mug being used for rich hot cocoa during the cooler season.


I have you stand on the counter in the bathroom and look in the mirror while I brush your hair.  You have crazy bed head and need to wet most of your hair to tame it down.  We talk about school and I ask you who will be there. 


Oh yes the babies might be there today!  Who else?


Owen might be there too, yes. 

A few minutes later we arrive at school and I can see your friends peeking out the windows.  They're already yelling your name and you are still in the car.  You don't even know they're calling you.

As I unbuckle you from the seat I tell you Owen was in the window saying HI.  You're so excited and try to see him too.  I can't get you out of the car fast enough.  I set you down on the driveway and you shuffle around to the house.  Owen's face is smothered into the screen of the kitchen window.  He's shouting your name over and over again.  You have the biggest smile on your face and you run closer to yell back.  EEahh!  It comes out like 'toddler-talk' and you run back to me with glee. 

We make our way to the steps that lead up to the door.  You slide down a few times and say Whoa!  I can hear the kids inside repeating whoa...whoa... , they wait with anticipation by the door as you climb up the stairs. 

I open the screen door and see it will be a quiet day since there are only two of your friends there.  The kids are there smiling and saying HI to you.  You're still younger than them so you don't say anything back but stare at them.  I say it for you:  Hi Faith!  Hi Owen!  They're so excited they don't even realize they're not allowing us into the house.  They dance around in stocking feet and check out your clothes. 

We squeeze on through the doorway and you sit on the small chair by the shoe rack.  I remove your bright neon colored Nike shoes, zippered Pooh sweatshirt, and Red Sox hat.  The kids see you have a puppy on your t-shirt.  We talk about the puppy.  Then we talk about the shoes on the shoe rack. We talk about who's shoes they belong to.  The conversation becomes a cycle until we've reached round three.

I hand you your breakfast and give you a smooch and squeeze.  You follow the kids into the kitchen and Miss Amanda takes you to your seat for breakfast.

"Byeeee" We wave to each other and I say bye to your friends and wish you all a good day. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cigarettes and School Buses

I drive my 18 month old son to school every morning.  I've talked about how we look for school buses and how it's become a routine for us.  Lately I've noticed something a little peculiar about one particular school bus.

This particular bus always sits on the side of the road, every day at the same time.  Usually I don't see the driver.  Lately I have.  What I see kind of irks me, and this can be another item added to my week of bitterness.

It seems that before the driver starts her morning schedule, she has a cigarette break.  She is parked on the side of a busy road, stands outside the door and has her cigarette.  The vision disturbs me the more I see it happening. 

I suppose I should be glad she's not smoking IN the bus, or with kids IN the bus.  But maybe she shouldn't be sitting on the side of a busy street have her cigarette.  There are parking lots nearby that I'm sure she could pull into and have her 'break'.  What break??  Her morning routine with the kids hasn't even begun, it's only 7:30am!

The whole thing seems wrong to me and it's not because I don't smoke.  I know plenty of people that smoke.  But as a non smoking parent I must confess, I think there should be a rule about smoking on the side of the road outside of a school bus.

The 18 month negotiator

"Ihts... Ihts"  He points towards the cabinets.

"Do you want some chips?" 

"Yah!"  He shows relief that I understood and he can have his treat.

"Well have some more peas and I'll get them"

After eating a half dozen spoonfuls he looks at me and gives me the eye his done.  Full.  But he's not full.  He's waiting for those chips.  He loves these Garden Veggie Crisps.

On another night:  we're finishing up dinner and he sees Daddy having an Oreo.  Daddy hasn't learned that we need to make sure we're all finished our dinner before having desert.  But it didn't matter.  Our 18 month old negotiator was at it again.  His eyes were wide and waiting for approval to have a cookie of his own.

"Of course, but can you finish your chicken nuggets first?"  He only had two bites left.  He ate them both at once.

I don't like teaching my son about desert this way.  We only recently gave him his first Oreo just the other day.  He's not a kid that enjoys sweets.  He really likes his fruits.  But on occasion, we like to share a special treat.  And yes, he did what he had to do in order to get that cookie.

It was only 1 Oreo too... but the result was one happy, messy kid...

Monday, June 14, 2010

If I'm too Square, then you're too Round!

I've been feeling resentful lately and I'm not sure where it's coming from.  I know what's been bothering me but I'm not 100% sure if it's the cause of my emotions.  The only thing that can help me forget my issue is spending time with my kid. 

I've been thinking about how to post about this and I still don't know how to go about it.  So I thought I'd throw this out there and hope you don't mind.  My emotions are running wild and I'm not mad or upset at any one thing in particular.  I'm just having a moody moment. 

Shouldn't we all be able to have a moody moment without having to explain why?  So instead, I'll compile a small list of things that seem to have irritated me lately.

I've read a couple of horrifying books lately.  I finished one recently, Little Bee, and as much as I enjoyed it, I am bothered at how disturbed it made me feel.  I still recommend reading it though, I heard it's turning into a movie too!

I'm currently reading another book, I'll discuss this once I'm finished.  But I can tell you it brought me to tears, yet again.  How do I find these books and keep reading them when they are so sad and disturbing?  I seem to thrive off of it...

Mass emails.  I despise mass emails from an old acquaintance.  I will save you the details.

The weather.  It's been so gloomy, very cloudy and chilly.  We've had so much rain my garden is NOT happy.  My arugula is yellow.  My grape tomatoes leaves are yellow too.  My cucumbers look great!  I'm still not very happy.

I feel like I'm stuck inside a Dr. Seuss book.  Oh the Places You'll Go, or Are You My Mother?  It's almost like I'm in a weird journey and I don't know what I'm looking for or where I'm going.

Are you having a bad day too?  Please share!!  I'll be sulking in the meantime.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I have a multi-vitamin, biotin or B-complex, and even an Acai vitamin.  I try to take them.  Everyday.  They help me feel balanced.  But I lost my routine of taking vitamins.  I recently talked about my issues with routines, especially for myself.  But I find if I can get into a good system, my routines can stick.  But I'm not there right now. 

However, I do give my kid his vitamin everyday.  I never forget.  Except for this morning.  OOPS! 

He takes his vitamins every (almost) day and he doesn't mind the taste.  He's been taking the same vitamin since I brought him home from the hospital. 

As you can see the description indicates exclusively breastfed or partially breastfed babies and children are okay to take this vitamin.  J has stopped breastfeeding when he was 13 months old.

My kid is now 18 months old and I'm considering changing his vitamins considering he's going on 2 years old.  Wouldn't his little body require other nutrients?  This was a question I forgot to ask his doctor at his 18 month appt.  OOPS!

If my kid ate a well balanced diet, I wouldn't worry about the vitamins.  But he's a picky eater, especially with vegetables.  So I feel vitamins are important for him to take.

I've been doing a little research on what other mothers are using for their kids and I'm interested in what you give your kid(s).

Some alternative vitamins that I have heard about are:
Carlson's fish oil
Nordic Naturals fish oil
Nordic Berries
Animal Parade
Child Life Multi Vitamins and Minerals
Mightamins from Market America

So please share, what vitamins does your family use?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wild Maine Blueberry Tea by Stonewall Kitchen

My neighbor, Stonewall Kitchen, sells amazing blueberry tea.  They actually sell a lot of yummy things.  Wild Maine Blueberry flavored anything is one of their signatures.  So this blueberry tea hits the spot and brings you to the blueberry farms.  As the tea seeps you smell the ripe blueberries.  Buckets of them. 

It's blueberry season and this tea is a perfect compliment to any muffin, scone, tart, or just enjoy a cup on its own.

If you're looking for me today, you'll find me somewhere drinking a cup of this tea.


Before I had my kid, I had no routine in my life.  Not because I didn't want one, but because I couldn't make a routine stick.  My routines last a few days to a week.  Then I lose my routine.  It's gone.  Like it never happened.  In fact I'm still this way today, when it comes to a routine for myself. 

However, the routines I have for my kid are a lot stronger.  Some may think I'm strict with the routine.  I don't view it like that, rather it's something my kid is expecting and I'm trying to keep things simple.  Routines keep my un-routine life in order.  Somehow, my kids routines have become what makes me, me.

Some days our routine is off.  Whether it's because J is teething, sick, or just not tired.  Our night time routine can fall off its tracks.  Sometimes our lunch schedule is late.  We eat too late, J's not hungry, or he falls asleep way to early and skips lunch all together.  Our routine falls apart. 

I have 1 kid.  When my routines fall apart, I feel I have enough leeway to rearrange my day to accommodate what J needs.  But what happens when I have baby #2?  I'm still a ways away from that answer, but I ask myself on occasion.

If you're into horoscopes:  I live with a Virgo (husband) and a Scorpio (son).  I'm an Aries.  You can imagine the sort of household we have together.  Routines are very important, and sometimes heated discussions arise.  But it's okay... I'm an Aries remember?

This morning J slept in and I actually had to wake him up 15 minutes before we had to walk out the door.  He needed to go to school so I could go to work.  I hate having to wake him up.  It's a rainy day here and it's perfect for sleeping in.  Unfortunately we couldn't.  We had a routine and needed to get going.  I should have woke him up a few minutes earlier so he could adjust to his day, but I didn't. 

Routines can be fickle like that.  When you think you can become relaxed on a particular routine, something bounces back in your face and reminds you there are other responsibilities that require your attention. 

So on this particular rainy and cold morning, I had to remember the routine.  Sometimes we need a day to have a routine-free day.  Unfortunately, today is not the day.

What about you?  Do you have routines that come and go?  Or do they stick?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mode of transportation: Piggy Back

You've finished dinner.  I'm cleaning up your mess. 

Your hands.  Your face.  Your elbows.  The tray.  The floor.  The chair. 

I help you down and encourage you to play while I clean up.  You giggle with excitement as you pad away, socks scuffing the tile.  As you decide what to play with next, you scrummage through the toys and decide on your bike.

Ding ding!

There about 30 minutes left until we need to start our bedtime routine.  We read books, we watch Pooh bear, we play with Marble, and we cuddle.  As we gear into down time you sense it's almost time to head upstairs.  Sometimes you run around the room as we clean up.  I ask you if you'd like a piggy back up the stairs.  You stop dead in your tracks and you yell 'yah!'.  I help you up on the couch and remind you to hold on to Mummy.  Your little hands can't even reach around my neck but I try to teach you how to hold tight.  I clasp my arms and hands around your little bum and legs that are draped on my back.  I can feel the excitement in your body.  You love piggy backs.  We look in the mirror together so you can see yourself.  I remind you again to hold on tight!  You feel limp so I lean my back forward so you're balanced on my back.

Clomp-clomp-clomp up the stairs, we reach the top.  Turning left to your room and swooping to the full size bed I sit down and lean back.  I let you flop backwards onto the bed.  You laugh and giggle as you lay flat like a pancake.  You roll over, giggle and sigh deeply.  You're tired but it was a good thrill ride to end the day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 more weeks!

Vacation is just around the corner... I can smell it!

Summer is in full steam and I had to buy a small calendar for everything that is going on.  My brain is getting fried with all the activity coming up!

How do families handle their schedules?  I cannot imagine what it's like with more kids, but I suppose refusing do to everything is necessary.  Although, right now, we're not doing everything!  We've had to say no to many other plans.  It's hard, but it's necessary.

I'm trying to keep my head on straight and not wish for everything to happen right now because then the summer will be over and I'll feel like I've missed it!

The one day at a time theory is nice.  In theory.  But it doesn't work for me.  Especially now with my kid.  I feel like I cannot wait to do everything we have in store for him!  He is 18 months old and is starting to understand our little world.  His memory is getting stronger and I'm sure he'll be excited for what's to come.

I suppose I'll fill him in as the time is near.  Maybe the night before.  We're planning part of our vacation with his grandparents, whom he adores, so I know he'll be excited to hear we'll be seeing them too.  Right now it's still early.  Although he asks for Bumpa almost every day.

How do you coordinate your vacations with the kids?  Do you let them help with the planning?  Or are they too young?  How does the transition go when you're away from home, but with Mom and Dad?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Eleven chapters.  That's it!  But if you prefer short chapters this book may seem overwhelming.  Although it's not a hard read.  In fact, it's quite easy, traumatizing-ly easy. 

Chapter 2 had me in tears.

Chapter 4 gave me chills.  I had to put it down a week because the story was so vivid I needed more time to unwind before moving on.

Chris Cleave wrote an amazing story about two women. One from England, the other from Nigeria.  They met, under very unfortunate circumstances.  But they reconnect a couple years later and the story takes off from there. 

This book surprised me.  I like reading books that reach into my heart and take hold of something I didn't know existed. 

Like a hook in my heart, I could not let go of Little Bee.

32 inches of love

You're growing up so fast!  And you're entering toddler-hood. 

You like to tell me what you don't like, when you don't like it, and of course you don't tell me WHY you don't like it.  But you have your voice and your personality speaks louder sometimes. 

You're my silly putty.  I give you squeezes even when you're not in the mood. 

I smooch you to say good bye... hello... good morning... and just because.

You like to lay on the floor with me.  You sit on my belly and think you can bounce on me.  You think it's funny when I tell you that's not funny.  You giggle and squeal and you plop down and wrap your arms around my shoulders. 

You show me you love me by playing with my hair with your drooly fingers. 

You like wearing hats, even if it's not sunny outside.  We put your hat on before we walk out the front door.  I carry you to make the trip to the car quicker than it would be if I let you walk on your own.

You're growing into a young boy so quickly.

You're 18 months old.

32 inches tall
22 lbs 12 oz

You have more love than I could ever imagine.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Avocado Soap - Blueberry Hill

Creamy and buttery with some texture to give it a scrub.  This avocado soap quenches my skin's thirst.  I've been using the avocado soap for over a week and the lather feels milky.  The bubbles are generous as I smooth the bar over my skin. 

I bought this bar at our local farmers market. Overall, on my scale of 1 to 5 bubbles.  I give this avocado bar of soap: 3 Bubbles.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time to go home

Most days I think about you and can't wait to see you.  I love hearing about your day.  I ask you if you had fun.  The baby is usually still there and you're excited to do nice to him.  He plays peekaboo without realizing it's a game and you move his blanket back over his eyes. 

You're excited to see me.  You show me all your favorite toys.  You climb on the picnic table and try to stand up tall.  You are crazy to think you can get away with this at school.  We don't allow that behavior at home.

You're excited to come home, but you're not finished showing me the toys you play with.  I try to scoop you up, but you lean on my arm.  Your mouth is open and I feel your teeth dig into my arm.  OUCH!  You don't realize you bit me.  Your excitement conceals your actions.

I tell you: Time to go home! and we sit to put your sandals on.  You repeatedly talk to me about the baby.  How you played with the baby, and how you made the baby laugh. 

I scoop you up in my arms and we say bye... see ya!  We wave and close the door.

"Mashed" Potato Head

Enjoying a late lunch after an early nap, my 18 month old silly putty wanted to, well, be silly of course. 
And who couldn't resist a little camera time from him?  I know I can't.  :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Potty Talk...weird?

*NOTE* There may be unnecessary descriptive potty talk.  Go back if you do not wish to read further.

It's seems really weird if you're talking about your kids poop stories to random people.  Although it's usually with other women, not necessarily other Moms.  I never really stop to think that some people may not want to hear about it.  Talking Potty Talk seems second nature to me.  In fact, it's what we were taught when J was born. 

The nurses were very diligent on educating us on what we saw and what to expect.  We kept a log on their white board that was hung on the wall in our room.  It seemed so silly to be reporting on poop and pee times and frequencies.  But it has been ingrained in my brain and now it seems it's all I think about! 

J saves his poops for daycare... thank you buddy! :)  Unless it's the weekend, we are blessed to wipe his mess.  It actually seems weird that I rarely see a poopy diaper during the weekday.  At the same time, it's reassuring to see he's regular and has a routine. 

I have no problems discussing my kids poop to anyone who is willing to show an interest.  In fact, I think it's slightly hilarious how my husband and I share stories.  I swear he'd make it a competition if I let him.

Who had to change the poopier diaper? 
Who lucked out and got away with a pebble or two? 
Who's turn is it next to change him?

Potty Talk is something I'm trying to establish with my kid.  Since he's become fascinated with the potty, we let him sit on it before bath time every night.  He may sit there a few seconds or a few minutes.  He never goes, but we make it our routine.  He still ends up peeing in the sink when he's having his teeth brushed, or in the tub during his bath.  But I take that opportunity to try and explain that someday he will go pee-pee on the potty.  He looks at me and asks "Pah"?  Yes, Potty... someday that is where you will go. 

I'm fascinated with Potty Talk, only because I'm a Mom.  It's not like I talked about this prior to having my kid.  So I'm curious... do you find yourself gravitating towards conversations regarding potty talk?


Approximately 36 inches long, 24 inches wide.  I have a small garden.  And it's mine! 

Grape tomatos, cucumbers, arugula, peas, chives... oh my!  It all fit into that tiny space.  And I'll have to show pics of the final garden soon.  I was too exhausted by the end of the day... and my hands were very dirty.

My husband (love him) does not eat veggies.  Or fruits.  So what I buy is usually eaten by me and the kid.  Although the kid has some days where he's not up to fruits or veggies.  But don't we all? 

I learned early in my relationship with my husband that he is who he is, and yes, I love him for being himself.  Why would I want him to change?  Especially for me? 

But he dug into the greenest part of our lawn.  Instead of tossing all that luscious green grass, we are trying to transplant it to a not-so-green-type-of-hole-in-our-yard... like a band aid. 

The kid tried to help.  But his little arms had a hard time controlling that humungo shovel.  My husbands delivering the good grass to the bad-holey-spot.

He's at the age where he'll help out whenever he can.  In fact, if we ask him not to help, he'll have a melt down.  So we let him help and encourage him with positive feedback.

Who can't resist the reward of a ride in the BIG wheel barrel?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh, Canada...

It was Memorial Day yesterday.  I woke up, opened the shades, opened the sliding glass door to the porch.  Something smelled like burning brush.  Was somebody having a fire at 7:30 in the morning? 

There were fireworks in the neighborhood the night before.  Maybe one is stuck in a tree and it caught on fire? 

Or god forbid, a house? 

Nope.  It was nothing like that.

It was Quebec.  On fire. 

Oh, Canada.... I live about 8 hours south, yet the smoke and burning smell have reach our neighborhood.  Actually, it has reached our whole region.  This mornings news mentioned Vermont was receiving the roaring blaze but thankfully the winds shifted.

Some NH firefighters were sent north to aid relief in the fires.  (And who am I to complain about my cubie-desk job??)  These men and women are our neighbors and our heros.

Luckily my family doesn't have asthma, but I can imagine what this air quality would do to someone. 

I wish for everyone who is affected by this fire to be safe.  Seeing the smoke in my neighborhood and being able to smell the burning brush made me realize not to take anything for granted.


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