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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is Bigger Better?

Depends on what you're talking about.  Right?  My life has revolved around my boy, so for now, that's what I'm talking about.  My boy is getting bigger and he's becoming devilish.  Devilish in a good way.  He knows how to rope me in.  He's good at that.  Just when he knows he's creeping under my skin, he looks at me with a warm smile, arms stretched out, and says: I want a hug.  This does not excuse your behavior.  It's what I tell him. 

Since he has decided to potty train himself, life has gotten a bit hectic.  For my husband and myself, that is.  We weren't exactly prepared to go diaper-less so soon.  But it's okay, we're going with it and there's no turning back.  Our boy is getting bigger and eventually we would have to teeter down this wobbly path.  Our son is leading the way and maybe that part scares me the most. 

As much as I want to allow my son as much independence as possible, how well will his decisions really be?  I suppose now is a good time as any to start trial and errors.  Granted, there are a few decisions that he tries to make and we have to steer him into a different direction.  But so far, he hasn't put too much of a battle against us. 

I allow him to make decisions whenever possible.  We always have 2 choices on what to do.  Lunch or Nap?  Yes Please or No Thank You?  Would you like ME to do it, or YOU?  No matter what, he's making a choice.  Of course, I'm setting the stage on what I would like him to do.  But allowing him to consider his options is important.  And hopefully, as he grows older, he'll find similar choices and choose wisely.  Because I won't be there for every choice he makes, so I can only hope that he can learn a good choice from a bad one.

My son is getting bigger and there is no denying he'll be grown before I know it.  I can either sit and wait until he's all grown up and moved out, or I can play an active role in his life and help guide him along the way.  It's the best I can do especially since he thinks he has all the answers already.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A good day for underwear!

It was his choice to go diaper less today.  He saw a picture of himself last summer, wearing underwear in the house.  He immediately asked me about the photo.  He pointed out that he wasn't wearing a diaper and had underwear on.  Why wasn't he wearing underwear??? His tone started to sound like I had been holding out on him.  Like this was a revelation for him.  So I told him he COULD wear underwear but he had to remember he couldn't go pee pee or poopy in his underwear.  He would need to remember to use the potty.  He seemed okay with the idea.  He was excited.

It was the last thing he told me before going to bed last night.  He wanted to show his friends his underwear.  Aahh, only because he's 2 does that sound cute. 

Sure enough, we walked into his school today and when he saw his friend, he immediately wanted to show off his new piece of clothing.  Cookie Monster was on them too!  How COOL!

It'll be an interesting day, for sure.  I haven't been pushing the whole potty training because he does use it occasionally, but not full time.  I would rather have him spend time at home being naked, that way he could remember when to go with minimal accidents.  He does well with naked time.  But it's still winter in March and I just don't have the heart to let him go naked too long this time of the year. 

I know he understands the potty.  He's not afraid of it.  He just chooses not to use it all the time and prefers diapers.  So I go with it.  I find the more I force him to do something, he resists the challenge.  So if I act like I don't care if he does it or not, he wants to use it.  We make a big deal if he does use the potty.  Lots of HIGH FIVES and dances, PLUS he gets 1 M&M.  Yup, 1.  And that's just for going pee pee.  He will get 2 for going poopy, but we haven't really experienced much of that lately.

The kid is only 27 months so I don't like to apply too much pressure on him.  Heck, I'm thrilled that he just wanted to wear the underwear today!  If it turns out that it was a bad day for underwear, well, then, we're back to diapers.  I'm not too concerned.  In the meantime, I'll enter this moment in the books about when the kid decided he was done with diapers for the day.


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