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Friday, October 29, 2010

Book Nook: Bear Feels Sick

I've been trying to get some reading done, however I've reached a reader's block.  Is that a term people use?  Like saying writer's block? 

Anyways, I figured I would share one of the books my son loves, and well, so do I. 

We received this book about a year ago as a gift.  I'm still learning which books are popular with babies and toddlers.  We have a few personal preferences at home, but I've learned that when I'm shopping for a book for my kid, I really need to see the book in person before I bring it home to share. 

Some books are too wordy.  Some books have illustrations that aren't very colorful.  Some books are bold, while others books may have too many pages.  We like to read in our house, but we're kind of picky as to the book we intend to read.

Bear Feels Sick is such a sweet story.  The illustrations are very colorful and warm.  My son gravitates to this story and even plays along with the sound effects that I make when the bear coughs and sneezes and wheezes and moans. 

It's a cuddly book for us as we snuggle together under a blanket and read about the big Bear and how his friends help him get better. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating

We have a few pumpkins on our front steps, by few I mean four.  I really have no desire to carve them this year.  Okay, maybe I'll carve one, but really... that's it.  I just can't fathom carving four pumpkins.  My husband isn't interested in carving any.  But Halloween is around the corner and really, how can you go through Halloween without having a Jack-O-Lantern by your front door? 

So I decided to let my son decorate his own pumpkin.  He had a blast at the idea of painting.  I never realized how much he enjoyed painting!  He used every color we had and painted in the same spot, over and over again.  I'd suggest painting in a different area, but he insisted on painting in the same spot.  Over and over again.

He's so excited to start painting!

We included some foam stickers shaped like dinosaurs, trucks, cars, planes, trains, and helopcopters.  Then we glued some pom poms... just to add some extra flare =)

He didn't want to stop.  He whined to keep painting and sticking and gluing.  I'm glad he appreciated the quick craft we completed together.  Actually, HE did the crafting while I did the gluing.  He didn't want me to help in any way.  I don't mind though since I was thrilled to see his artistic side.

My crafty kid... he was so proud =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gender considerations

I have a 23 month old son.  He's been my life since the moment I found out I was pregnant.  I didn't know I was having a boy until I was about 20 weeks pregnant.  My husband and I decided to find out.  It was our first baby and we needed to know.  We clearly didn't care what we were having, boy or girl, we were happy just the same.  So why did we need to know the gender? 

My husband needed to know more than I did.  I was happy with all sorts of gender neutral baby clothes, toys, and decorations.  A baby is a baby, right?  Blue and Pink don't really make the baby, it's the love, home, and warmth that a couple brings to a new persons life. 

But we decided to find out the gender.  We considered this was appropriate because we wanted to be prepared.  We wanted to know the name of our child before he or she was born. 

However, once we found out the news we'd have a boy, nothing changed with the plans of our future.  We still decorated the baby's room with green walls, white furniture, and a silly Muppet theme.  No bears, sports, dolls, or frills.  To me, we decorated a gender neutral baby room.  I decided once our son arrived, we'd make adjustments according to his personality. 

Ironically, we haven't had the need to change much, but we've added more 'fun' to his room.  At 23 months old he does in fact know the characters of the Muppets.  If we had a girl, I'm sure her love for the silly characters would be the same.  (I grew up loving the Muppets, particularly Animal).

The only difference in how we've raised our baby is the fact we have no dollies, no strappy dress shoes, no barretts or pony tail elastics.  I feel our gender neutral home is just that, simple and equal.  And the fact that our son does like the color pink doesn't mean he wears the color, but enjoys drinking out of a pink sippy cup.  It's a color after all, not a life style.  We color in pink and he even enjoys watching Dora the Explorer.  To me, there's nothing wrong with that, but to others, they may raise an eyebrow as to 'why'.

I don't ask Why, but Why Not?  Why Not let my son have an interest in anything and everything?  We can play kick ball or base ball, then color pink hearts and flowers too. 

I'm sure when and if we have baby #2 there will be more changes and more gender considerations.  Will we find out what baby #2 will be?  Or will we decide to wait it out until the baby is born?  It's a real personal decision and I'd like to think people would respect any decision an expecting parent would make.  To justify that someone needs to know because they want to buy clothing or a toy isn't enough of a reason for me. 

Yes, I have a son.  He's my child, my kid.  I hope that by the time he's my age the world will have developed a different outlook on gender.  I can only hope that society will encourage kids to listen to their heart and gut, and not what others say or think.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mummy... socks off!

We've gotten into a habit of taking our shoes off at the front door.  I am trying to teach my son the habit of sitting on the steps inside the house so I can remove his shoes, coat, and hat.  Sometimes he's too excited and flees into the house.  Other times he's pleased with the new routine and doesn't fuss much.  But lately he's taken to the idea of removing the socks as well.

Typically, during the warmer months, I don't care much for socks myself.  In fact, no surprise, but we don't wear socks that much. 

However, our house has hardwood floors and ceramic tile.  We do have a few scatter rugs, but that ceramic tile can be cold.  Apparently my son doesn't mind.  He insists on pulling those itty-biddy socks off his feet, and keep his toes cold. 

He'll tell me he's pulled his socks off.  If I ask him if they were hot, he'll say yes and start blowing on his toes.  Because when our food is hot, we blow on the food to cool it off.  I think he's having a hard time with these differences, because when I do feel his feet to see if they are warm, they're cold. 

He prefers bare feet.  So do I.  But we're working on wearing fun slippers, although he'd rather wear his green froggy boots that are too small for his growing feet. 

We pick our battles and he knows that socks are required with shoes.  However, while spending time in the house, the socks are off.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a battle similar to this.  In fact, I let my son win these battles because I'm sure there will be other, more important, issues that I'll need to find a hefty compromise with him.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

I'm having a hard time focusing lately.  I completely forgot about my blog.  How does that even happen?  Sometimes I just read blogs and don't write, but lately, I haven't even been doing that.  Today I realized I've been consumed with our trip: The Gauntlet.

We'll be going soon.  Well, not that soon, but it's certainly soon enough!  I'll be sprinkling fairy dust soon and hopefully experiencing all the magic WDW has to offer.  If you've never been, I'm sorry... SO sorry...

It's a place that isn't for everyone though.  But to never have gone?  I just can't even imagine that's possible.  Everyone should take the time to experience the magic once.

My husband and I are traveling solo.  The kid is staying home.  Not alone of course.  We're not THAT mean.  He won't even realize that he's missing out on a fun time, but he'll have his chance soon.  =)  We're planning a fun, long week with him later next year.

So our January trip is booked.  We have the flights, the resort, and now we're working on the plan.  We usually travel on a whim, with a few ideas in mind of what we'd like to do.  Usually this works well for us and then make all the arrangements when we get to our destination.  But this trip is a little different.  2 nights and 1 day requires some planning ahead.  Which rides are we going to tackle?  Which order of the parks will we visit?  When are the Extra Magic Hours?  Will we eat?  If so, where!?? 

I'd like to have one really nice dinner.  I've been doing some research on where we'll be and what nice restaurants will be nearby.  I've narrowed it down to 2 and now I'm comparing the menus to see what atmosphere would suit us best. 

You may think the planning takes all the fun out of a vacation.  I can honestly say this hasn't happened to me yet.  Actually it never does, because I know once we arrive there will be obstacles.  There usually are when it comes to Disney.  I've had my fair share of burn-out moments, but when I reflect on my memories, it all brings a smile to my face and I can't wait to go back.

So I have my preliminary itinerary, but of course this could change as soon as we arrive.  Honestly, it won't matter how we do it, but it's always good to have a game plan. 

Let the countdown begin!

80 more days =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Football Beanie

I recently purchased a hat for my son.  He loves hats.  I was looking for something simple, something fun, something different.  I like shopping on Etsy for purposes like that, when you know the local malls won't have what you're looking for, and you know some crafty person has already thought of what you needed.  And it's there, on Etsy, waiting for you.

I found my sons simple, fun, and different hat here.  Since hats are made to order, I'd like to thank angelschest for making this for my son! 

We just received the hat yesterday and I immediately put it on my son.  It fits well and there is still room to grow.  It's a perfect addition to his hat collection!  The hat, by the way, looks professional.  It feels very sturdy and rugged, yet soft enough for my 22 month old son.  He's not quite sure what to do with the ties but I'm sure he'll be used to them in no time.  I can't wait to snap some pictures of him wearing this hat!

Flying Solo

At the end of the day I feel good.  I know my son and I can find the patience for each other and tackle each speed bump together.  He's not quite 2 yet, but he thinks he's a smart cookie.  Well, he is, but I'm biased. 

For the next four weeks, except weekends, my son and I will be doing what we do without his Daddy.  He'll be away for work and it's really the first time since our son was born that he has a commitment like this.  But it's okay.  We'll make it okay. 

My husband does the morning wake-up routine with our son.  This includes getting him up, change diaper, dressing for the day, and coming downstairs to settle him onto the couch and flips on the Disney channel.  After handing some milk to our son, he's set for the time being while I get myself ready and pack lunches. 

Daddy is missed.  Terribly.  Morning 2 had my son asking for Daddy before he could even see clearly after waking up.  I explain that Daddy had to leave early and he gave a smooch while you were sleeping, he loves you.  The comprehension of a 22 month old is limited, but I know he can understand simple facts. 

So it's not often my son and I get to spend so much solo time together.  It almost feels like he knows he is just with me and is not being so two-year-old towards me.  It's nice actually.  I haven't had any breakdown moments with him.  For the most part, he's been very well behaved.  (knock on wood)

Granted, we've only made it through the first week.  My husband drives home today and come Monday we'll be saying bye again.  My son won't understand this schedule, but I'm sure we can manage.  We'll find balance together.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doing the Gauntlet...

It's official.  We're 'doing' the Gauntlet.

What's the Gauntlet you ask?

Good question... =)  It's a term used quite frequently in our house, especially by my mouse-crazed husband.  Don't get me wrong, I love that he is a kid at heart.  But he could talk about Disney World all day.  Every day. 

Sometimes he does.

So we're due to 'do' the Gauntlet in 13 weeks.  Thirteen!  I need to now book the hotel and buy tickets, and oh maybe reserve a place for dinner.  But I hear we're going on the same weekend as Disney's Marathon weekend.  I actually wish I was in shape to run the half marathon that is schedule for that Saturday, but oh well.  I'll have to settle with running through all four parks and riding the rides instead =)

The last time I was at Disney, I was 8 weeks pregnant.  And let me tell you... life was not so welcoming while living in the first trimester.  But I did what I could and we took our time.

But not this time around.  We're going full steam ahead.  The snails are staying behind! 

I'm looking forward to this Gauntlet.  Have I mentioned exactly what our version of the Gauntlet is?  It's simple actually.  Fly down to Disney and just spend 2 nights and 1 full day... at all the parks.  Crazy, right?  I'll admit it, we're nuts.  But that's us.

Oh and the kid will actually have to sit this one out.  Maybe someday he'll run the Gauntlet with us.  But for now, this is our turn.  I'm sure I will need some serious pain medication afterwards, or I'll just chop my feet off.  We'll see. =)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swim Lessons

I registered my son for swimming lessons.  He's only 22 months old but I've heard it's never too early to start.  I'm not looking for him to reach the Olympics.  I'm hoping he, eventually, will learn life saving skills and techniques while in the water.  I don't want my son afraid of the water or ever feel like he can't go into the deep end of the pool because he doesn't know how to swim.

I'm not the best swimmer.  In fact, I float with some movement.  It's enough to get me by.  It's all about the journey anyways, right?  I don't really have a destination when I swim, but more recreational.  So that's the least I can expect what my son will learn, right?  Or so I hope so.

Our first lesson was on Sunday. 

The water was cold.

He doesn't like cold water.

Out... OUT! he cried for 20 minutes.

We bobbed, we sang, we splashed... he cried.

Then we each received a ducky and a whole knew game started, and my son decided he wanted to play.

Five minutes later the class was over and he clapped and cheered YAY!  He said he had fun and that's all that matters.

I asked Do you want to come back to pool again?

YEAH! he squealed.

After taking a quick warm shower to heat our chilly buns, we dressed and went home to tell Daddy the news.

Swim lessons was fun and we'll do it again. =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

1 to 10

We read many stories that include counting.  We watch cartoons that involve counting.  We even count how many cookies or crackers we plan on eating.  I knew my son understood the words, but did he really understand what they meant?  I'll find him repeating numbers after me; one, two, thfree... and point to the objects as we count along.  He's becoming my little copy cat.

Yesterday I discovered he can count higher. 

Yesterday I discovered he can count all the way to 10.

I was shocked.  I actually thought, did he really just say those words?  Does he know he's counting?  Maybe he thinks of it as a sentence?  Like we say: Open the door please.  He memorizes the sequence of words.  Perhaps these numbers are just words to him.  How much can a 22 month old know, and realize, about numbers?

Either way, I'm excited.  I'm excited to hear all ten of those words come out of his mouth and in the right order.  I like the way he points to an object and acts like he's counting each item: one, two, three, ... all the way to ten.  So he really doesn't understand the two pretzels he has in front of him, are only two and not ten.  But he shows so much excitement when I cheer and applaud at the fact he's counting from 1 to 10.  He's proud of his accomplishment, and he should be. =)


I'm feeling disheveled today and I'm not sure why.  I am hoping my vitamins help me feel balanced.  But I just took those and I'm sure it'll be a while before I feel better.  The vitamins are organic and probiotic, and I'm excited to feel the benefits.  I ordered them online and will post later once I have more to say about those.

I feel like a rag doll.  The clothes I picked to wear today feel old, worn, floppy.  It's just some linen/cotton pants with a sweater.  In fact, I rarely wear these particular clothes.  But now that I'm wearing them, maybe that's why I rarely wear them.  They make me feel ick.

A shopping spree would be nice.  Would be are key words here.  Most of my shopping sprees are saved for groceries and things needed for my 22 month old son.  I don't mind that my priorities fall in that direction, in fact, it's my choice for it to be that way. 

So I never, ever, okay not ever, give clothes away.  Sometimes I do, sometimes.  But mostly, if you were to look through my closet and storage, you will find clothes from 10 years ago.  There are clothes that I haven't worn in 10 years.  So why do I have them?  Because there are moments where I just can't bring myself to doing laundry (pathetic I know) and I find myself looking for pants or a top that I haven't even worn in I don't know how long.  Scary.

But I don't mind.  Nobody knows this.  Unless someone is reading this and may wonder the next time you see me, how old are those clothes?!  :)

I feel it's no different than shopping at a consignment store, or a yard sale.  Granted, I don't buy myself clothes at either of these stores for the simple fact, I have too many clothes already.

So today I will allow myself to feel disheveled.  I parked my car, scrubbed a few swipes of blush on my face (I rarely wear any makeup so this is the extent of what I would wear), rolled some lavender on my wrists and hoped for the best. 


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