Set your goals high but not your expectations. ~Dove

Thursday, March 6, 2014


It's been quite some time since I have logged into my blog.  Life has been good, crazy, busy... but happy.

I have moved twice, to two different states.  I have had a second baby.  I no longer work in an office full time.  Instead I am home being a Mum, and working as a travel consultant offering complimentary concierge service.

I will be growing another year older this month.

Some things stay the same...

I love to run.
I love using organic products.
I love eating healthy, as much as possible.
I love being a Mum.

So many of the same things are important to me, but over the past few years I have learned to let a lot go.  Unfortunately taking time away from blogging was one of those things.  I have focused on myself, my family, and new routines.  Looking back on the past is like looking at a different life, a different me.  I was younger, of course, and I wonder how I will perceive myself now when I look back in the next few years.

Did I give enough hugs.  Did I remember to tell them I loved them every day?  Will my kids remember these days we've had together while they're so little?  My little people will know I love them, will know I will give hugs whenever they need it, even when they think they don't.

What about you?  What do you hope to remember?  Will you have good memories too?  I hope there are a few things we can all tuck away in our minds and hold on to forever.


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