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Monday, July 26, 2010

New school... New germs

I should have expected this would happen, but after two weeks I thought we were okay. 

This weekend proved me wrong...

Your tiny body is so tired, you can hardly stay awake.  You rub your eyes.  They look puffy with red lids. 

With a fever and no sleep, you manage to find the energy to play with Daddy and Mommy.  Somewhere inside you, the goofy silly putty still exists.  Until you need down time... it's hard for you to relax.

We manage through the day.  We manage through the night.  Somehow, we survive these battlefields and we're grateful this is all we have to endure. 

You may have gained another week at home with us and vacation, but when we go back to school next week the cycle may return.  What new germ will this new school present to us next time? 

Taking a very early nap... and ended up naping 3.5 hours and waking up with a 102.3 fever

Friday, July 23, 2010

Burt's Bees

So I have been using the no poo method for quite some time now.  I would use the BS rinse every 3-4 days and the ACV rinse every other day.  Things were going well, not to mention how cheap it was to clean my hair!  My hair felt baby soft for the first few weeks. 

But a few weeks ago I decided I needed to make a change. 

The texture of my hair was very coarse and thick.  My hair felt clean but it didn't feel healthy anymore.  So I made the decision to switch to healthier (more expensive) shampoo.

I decided to try Burt's Bees shampoo and conditioner.  It's not the greatest shampoo according to the cosmetic database... but it's not the worst either.  Burt's Bees shampoo is sulfate free and I only use it every 3 days.  I use the conditioner every day and I'm even just as happy with the conditioner.

I've been very impressed with how my hair has turned out after using Burt's Bees shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now.  I do feel like I've been losing a lot of hair though, but I don't know if that has something to do with using the no poo method for so long.

What do you use to clean your hair?  Is it something you're committed to using or do you change your routine often?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer construction gone wild

Almost two weeks ago I got a flat tire.  I shouldn't call it a flat because it's not your typical flat tire.  I was on the highway driving home from visiting with family and my 19 month old son was sleeping in the back seat.  He was very lucky in many ways, and missed the whole thing.

Like most roads in the summer time, there's construction being done, especially at night.  Road work is everywhere and we constantly see the orange signs, cones, barrels, and flashing yellow lights that remind us to use CAUTION. 

But what happens when caution isn't being used by the construction crew? 

This tire was in fact ON my car while driving down the highway.  This picture shows the tire on the back of my car just before getting it replaced.

It was quite a scary moment when I realized what happened that night.  As I was driving by the construction, there was a few men on the road using a jack hammer.  One of them actually jumped into the oncoming traffic (aka: ME) and it appeared he had lost control of the jack hammer.  I couldn't believe how close they were to the traffic while using this machine. 

Needless to say, I passed the construction site with caution and I noticed how loud the jack hammer had been.  I didn't think much about it until a few miles down the road my car sounded very loud.  Very loud.  So much it was like being in an airplane about to take off.  My first thought was my engine was about to explode.  I never thought I had a flat tire.  I quickly decided I needed to pull off the highway and even cut off an 18 wheeler in the meantime.  Something was wrong.

After safely stopping the car (and my son sleeping through this mess), I open my door and see my rear tire has smoke coming out of it.  I had been riding on my rim for a few miles.  Luckily my husband was a few miles ahead of me in his own car but he wouldn't reach me for another 20 minutes. 

So there I sat on the side of the highway just as the sun was setting.  It wasn't completely dark when I stopped, but the stars were out by the time my rescue came.

We decided we had to transfer our son to my husbands car, all while the highway traffic was wizzing by us.  It was quite the scene, I'm sure.  Ironically, J didn't seem to mind the move.  He stirred a little but was fast asleep by the time I buckled him back into his car seat.

I love the summer, but I don't have the same warm and fuzzy feelings about the construction.

Friday, July 16, 2010

MY down time

I don't get much down time like I used to... before having my baby.  That definition of down time is something I can't even remember.  The down time I have now is something very special.  So special because I rarely get enough down time to realize I'm experiencing a down time moment. 

It usually takes me almost a whole hour to realize I'm in a down time moment.  By the time I've unwound, emptied my thoughts, check my email, or clipped my nails, I realize I could have enjoyed my time doing something else. 

There should be a list of down time actiivites I should know off the back of my hand.  Things that I know I can do when I have a spontaneous down time moment.  But I'm sure that list would be misplaced or fallen under the refrigerator. 

Some things I'd like to do during my down time would be: read, take a walk, paint toe nails (haven't been done in a year!!), sit on the porch to soak up some sun, or take a bike ride (haven't rode my bike in over 4 years!).

Ideally I'd like a minimum of 30 minutes of down time a day.  This 30 minutes would have to be an hour before I fall asleep on the couch too.  I have a tendency to realize I should have ME time when it's close to bed time.  I value sleep way too much to encorporate an activity before bed.  So lately, sleep has become my ME time.  Yes, sleep.  However, lately, I haven't been sleeping that well.  I've been waking up in the middle of the night for whatever reason (too hot or a nightmare) and cannot get back to sleep until a couple of hours later.  So maybe starting a routine of 30 minute ME down time would help me feel balanced.

So what do you do during your down time?  DO you have down time?  Do you have to schedule your down time into your life?  Or are you like me and realize you're doing something ridiculous during the time you could have spent using for yourself?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Canada... you have quirky quarters

It's about that time of the day where I'm craving a vending machine snack.  I rummage through my change and find the amount I need and head to the cafeteria.  I know what I want, and I even know the code that needs to be selected to retrieve my glorious vending treat.

I insert the change and hear the clink clink clink, then a clunk.  What was that?  I feel inside the change dispenser and there lies that mischievous Canadian quarter!  I didn't realize I had it since it's almost identical to the US quarter.

We use those silly Canadian quarters for US quarters.  They are accepted at stores and vendors but not vending machines.  Nope, vending machines don't understand the language of the Canadian quarter.

So I had to press the return button on the vending machine and this fool machine decides to hand me back my change in dimes and one nickle.  All 75 cents worth!  I can tell you right now that is not what I had before starting this charade.  But I take my change reluctantly, along with the good ol' Canadian quarter and trek back to my cubie where I find my wallet.  I pull a mangy dollar bill out and cross my fingers it will be accepted.  I dump my change along with that quirky Canadian quarter back into my wallet.  It will have to be saved and used for a cup of coffee from the cafeteria ladies. 

Have you ever found yourself arguing with a vending machine? 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Separation Anxiety or Teething?

We haven't experienced separation anxiety, except the past few weeks it certainly feels like it.  My 19 month old son started a new daycare this week and things seem to be going well.  J talks about school and the toys that are there.  He will even tell his stuffed animals about school, so I feel good that he's in a positive environment. 

However, over the past few weeks he has been showing signs of anxiety towards me when I'm dropping him off to daycare.  He's also developed a clear runny nose so I'm now thinking this is link with more teething.  Could he be getting the next round of teeth this early? 

Today was hard.  Today he sobbed so hard he had a hard time gasping for air.  I try to make light of the situation but how can I not act concerned when he's being so upset?  I encourage him and talk to him about how much fun he'll have playing there.  I tell him I have to go but will see him soon.  He knows this routine of me leaving for work.  He's been in full time daycare since he was 8 months old.

So now, almost 20 months old, he's showing signs of separation anxiety, but is it mixed with a cold or teething? 

When we come home I do spend some quality time with my silly putty.  But sometimes it doesn't seem like it's enough and he needs constant attention until bedtime.  I ask for smooches and squeezes but he refuses to do that too.  I'm sure this is all a phase, but in the meantime, I cannot help but wonder what is really going on?

The new school has different snacks, since they provide the snacks for the kids.  I send in his lunch.  He's a picky eater so I'm sure he's not used to some of the foods they provide, but I think it's a good experience for him.  They also have him sleeping on mats for nap time.  Another change for him, but he does sleep on them.  I just don't know how hard it is for him to sleep, or if he's even getting a good nap.  Only time will tell and I'm sure it will take plenty of time for him to become adjusted to the new routines, kids, and caregivers.

It pains me to sit at work knowing he's not feeling well, missing me, missing the old routine.  I tell myself he is in good hands, he has a busy schedule, and at some point he'll forget about this transition.  Until then, I sit and wonder how to work through this separation anxiety and teething issues.

How have you handled your little ones separation anxiety moments?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smooches at the new school

It's day two at your new school and you look forward to the day.  You talk about the toys and what you like to play with.  You mention the purple car and I remember seeing the purple car when we visited last week.

I sing a silly song as we drive to school, "We're going to school... to school.. to school..." just like the tune from Peter Pan and Following the Leader.  You smile and say again and I sing the song all the way to school. 

We park the car and walk through the outside play area.  You scan to the toys and cars and try to make your escape to them.  You aren't ready to go inside.  You're such an outside kid and would play outside all day if you could.  So today I needed to pick you up and take you into the classroom.  The kids and teachers are waiting for you.  They greet you and you become hesitant about me leaving you again. 

I'm sure the new routines will be an adjustment, especially now that you are sleeping on a mat for naps.  But the teachers reassure me you are adjusting well. 

I unpack your lunch and tuck your Pooh bear into your cubbie.  You're clinging to my leg and whining.  I rub your back and give you a big squeeze and remind you how much fun you'll be having today.  You seem weary about it all but I can also see it's a small game you are playing with me. 

I tell you it's time for me to leave so you can go play.  I ask you for a smooch and you turn your head away.  I know you're upset with me for leaving you in general.  I know you enjoy playing with me but there are some days when we have to spend some time apart.  I tell you I love you and take your head in my hands and give you a smooch on your cheek.  You don't fight my kiss and you find a truck to play with and you whine. 

You watch me leave and you're not happy, but I know my smooch will need to last all day until I see you again.  I'll smooch you later today when I pick you up at your new school.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sometimes it's hard to move on... Sometimes it's not.

Change occurs every day whether you make it happen or not.  Some people take change hard, others thrive on it.  Some people make the change, others ride the coat tails and go with the flow.  Drama usually acompanies change and most times it's not so good.

I've been dealing with some drama over the past few weeks and I'm happy to be able to say, It's all over.  Moving on and the changes I've made will hopefully make some clear days ahead.  Hopefully I'll be able to sleep better too! 

Generally, change doesn't bother me.  I like the way change makes me feel, and sometimes I even like it if I'm not in control of the change.  The unknown can be a good thing, sometimes.

The drama I've had was one I needed to personally take care of and make something better happen.  I cannot wait for the new change to take place!  I have the same feeling from Christmas morning, or the night before I'm schedule to fly to a warm, sunny, sandy vacation. 

There is no vacation coming up, but the feelings are very similar.  It's been a long time coming, but I'm able to close a chapter of my life and start a new one.  :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's interesting to see what you discover and which discoveries you find fascinating.  This week in our car rides home you've been talking about tails.  Maybe it's because you have water toys in the car from your doctors office.  Instead of stickers or candy, they give you water toy fishies.  So you like pointing out the tail on the fish and then you start telling me monkeys have tails too.  You say: Aah Aah which is your version of what the monkey says.  We go through the list of tails on any animal.  Fishies, monkeys, elephants, giraffs, turtles, kitties, puppies... the list goes on and on. 

I ask you if Mama has a tail.  You pause to think and you say Hmmmmmm.  I watch you think and I wonder if you really don't know or if you're pondering the question and trying to imagine me with a tail.  After a moment I chime in to say Noooooo and shake my head.  Mama doesn't have a tail!  That's just silly.  You giggle and shake your head with me and say Nooooooo.  We repeat this about Dada and about himself.  All responding with a Noooooo, no tail...

It becomes a game and we talk about tails for what seems like a half hour.  And it probably is because you're that fascinated with the topic.  I love our conversations because you're such a sponge and you're retaining a lot of information.  I love seeing what sort of things you remember. 

I look forward to our car rides together.  It's there that we have incredible discoveries and laughter together.  :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lemongrass & Sage Soap by Fields of Ambrosia

I've been using this soap for almost a week.  A few weeks ago I visited Fields of Ambrosia and bought lemongrass & sage because I enjoyed the fresh scent.  I imagined myself waking up to the sweet smells.  Unfortunately the scent is not as strong as I had imagined. 

The bar is creamy and has a light lather.  Their website indicates they handmake all their soaps with saponified oils: palm, castor, coconut, avocado, castor, shea butter, soy vegetable shortening, and spring water.

My skin feels clean and not squeeky clean like some of the soaps I've tried in the past.  There are no bits of ingredients like oatmeal to create an exfoliation.  I don't like too much exfoliation on my skin during the summer months, so this bar works well. 

I do miss having a stronger scent, but I'd give this bar on a scale of 1-5 Bubbles:  3.5 Bubbles

big boy undies

J is 19 months old and is slowly learning about the potty.  He doesn't visit it often because we haven't really started potty training.  But he does sit on the potty every night before he jumps in the bath.  He enjoys his time on the potty.  We have a small potty seat that sits on top of our seat.  It's plain, white with black trim, and has a bear on it.  He loves that bear and constantly tells us there's a beah on it.  You gotta love the fact he's inheriting the New England accent.

About a week ago J went pee pee on the potty!  We were very excited, jumped up and down, gave high fives, and cheered.  We had a crazy party in the potty room.  I started to think about how I wanted to move forward with these special moments.  So I decided to create my own potty charts for him.  I bought some simple 1st grade lined paper and used different colored crayons to create a chart.  J's Potty Chart is written on the top and I added a fun Elmo sticker in the first square to identify the first pee pee on the potty. 

J loves that chart, or rather, he loves the Elmo sticker that's on that chart.  I doubt he understands what it means, but I hope he learns more as soon as he goes pee pee on the potty again.  He still prefers to go pee pee in the bath, and will even stand there and tell me he's going pee pee.  I do tell him: Yes, you are going pee pee but you're in the tub, someday you'll be able to do that on the potty.  I point to the potty and he seems to understand, but there is still a fear in his eyes about actually doing pee pee there.

I know over time things will just click.  And I'm okay with waiting.  He's only 19 months old.  But I do encourage the interest he has, even if it's so minimal we only do potty time at night.  Occasionally I've asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty but he has no interest. 

I still wanted to be prepared and introduce big boy undies to him.  I even bought them in his favorite characters: Seasame Street.  But still, he was not as excited as I thought he'd be.  So I thought, well maybe he doesn't really understand how he'd wear these clothes. 

So I had him try a pair on, but it didn't seem to phase him.  He wore them but didn't acknowledge they were there.  Oh well.  I'll pull them out again later on and see how he reacts.  But for now those big boy undies will be patiently waiting for that big day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's a short term activity, but we do use bubbles at home when we're outside.  My 19 month old son is becoming very independant and is trying to do as much on his own as possible.  Including blowing bubbles from a wand. 

He hasn't quite mastered how to sniff through his nose to smell flowers.  Instead he blows air out from his mouth.  So you'd think he'd get the concept of blowing bubbles on his own.

I didn't mind that he would put the wand on his nose and blow air out his mouth.  But after seeing his Daddy blow bubbles the right way, J wanted to try it again...

Yes, he thought it was like a popsicle, but he didn't eat the bubbles.  Licking them was enough to make him realize something wasn't right.

After giving the yucky face we reminded him that we don't eat the bubbles.  He knew he was being silly...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Bumpa is my father.  Bumpa is what my son calls my father.  It took my son a while to warm up to my dad.  Although my dad never gets goofy around babies, so it was hard to get a warm and fuzzy feeling from him.  When J was a baby, he would cry, sob, while sitting on Bumpa's lap.  Today, things have gotten better, although J is still a little weary about seeing Bumpa at first.  But he gets SO excited and will yell BUMPA every time he sees him.  And when we don't see Bumpa, J is trying to call him on the phone.

So when we had the opportunity to spend some vacation time with Bumpa, J was more than happy.

Bumpa & J waiting for a train ride up north.

This is how Bumpa smiles.  I guess J is learning from him too.

Another example of Bumpa having fun with J. 

There really is nothing like having a Bumpa.  For some reason my son cannot stop talking about him.  They have an unspeakable bond that nobody can figure out.  But I guess that's okay. 


Sometimes I think my 19 month old son is weird, but I guess he gets that from me.  I love every weirdness too.  He's my silly putty of course!

Kids develop a relationship with certain toys or dolls.  J knows and adores all the characters from Sesame Street, Mickey, and Pooh & Friends.  Lately, my son has particularly grown fond of Bert.  I don't know what it is about Bert, but he adores him.

So when we were on vacation and my husband spotted this Bert, he immediately knew J would fall in love.  Of course, he was right.  He giggled and squirmed and squeezed Bert with big hugs and showed him so much love.


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