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Friday, April 15, 2011

Stuck Behind the School Bus

Being 'stuck' behind the school bus can be irritating.  When you have a place to be at for a particular time, usually it's when you're running late, it's never convenient.  But I find myself directing my attention towards those kiddos running to the bus, and climbing the big steps and finding their saved seat by their best friend. 

Meanwhile the parents wait along the side of the bus stop with their coffee in hand and their faces not looking quite awake.  Some have cars parked at the edge of the road and the engine is running.  The parent waves to their child, but I never see if the child is waving back.  I'm stuck behind the bus.  But I see the parents waving and waving and waving.

I don't remember this being the scenario when I rode the school bus.  In fact, I don't remember any parent being at the bus stop waiting for the bus.  The kids even had a longer walk to the bus stop, which was usually along a busy main road.  And there were no parents there waving to us.  I actually don't think kids wanted their parents there.  It just wasn't cool, I suppose.

In a few years my kid will be entering first grade.  He's only 2 now, but I think about the day he'll have and the morning of his 'first day of school'.  Will he be nervous or just plain excited to actually ride the school bus.  He loves seeing those school buses riding around town.  He loves any bus actually: grey, blue, or yellow, it doesn't matter.  It's a bus.

He may prove me wrong and just have a melt down right there on the side of the road, with all the kids staring with their noses pressed flat against the window.  I may actually be that parent that skips the school bus option and drive my kid to school.  Maybe. 

Being stuck behind a school bus isn't fun.  But I do have fun imagining our future of those cool early mornings while waiting for the school bus.

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