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Friday, September 3, 2010

Feeling naked

I forgot my cell phone today.  It's still on the charger at home.  I don't forget it often, so when I do, I feel naked.

There are a few essential things I require when I walk out my front door everyday. 

1) my kid
2) my keys
3) my phone

Any of these things missing makes me feel lost.  Or naked.  I need to know where they are at all times.  Sometimes my 21 month old son likes to play with my keys, lock the car doors, and hide the keys in the house.  Okay, he may not hide them, but drop them next to the toy he saw after he was done playing with the keys.

My phone is another item of mine that my son likes to use.  He pushes the buttons and squeals when he sees his picture on the screen.  Sometimes he calls the last person I had called.  The last time he did that, it was my boss.  OOPS!  Luckily when I asked my boss about it, he wasn't in the office at that time. 

I really don't like feeling tethered to my phone, but it has become an essential part of my human existence.  I don't use it alot, but I need it.  If I don't have it, I fear that will be the moment my car breaks down on an unused side road.  (Why would I be driving down a road like that in the first place??)  It's still my fear.

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