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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Role Model

Merriam-Webster defines Role Model as: a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others.

Wikipedia says: The term role model generally means any "person who serves as an example, whose behaviour is emulated by others"

Since I have had my son, I've had more time to ponder what type of parent I'd be for him.  Sure, I'll love unconditionally, encourage, and teach him as much as possible.  But there are many things I won't be able to provide, and it's those things that I often think about the role models that are in his life.  What type of person will my son grow fond of and look up to.  Other than his Mom and Dad, there will be many people that will come in and out of his life, but I know there will be a select few that will take hold of his heart, and blend into his soul.

My 22 month old son is still learning to speak, but he has no problems speaking with body language.  I have also learned he is a very cautious person, sometimes shy, but not shy enough where he enjoys joining the crowd of kids to play with toys.  I am convinced that as he grows, so will his desire to reach forward at lifes treasures.

When my son was 5 months old, we had him baptized.  We selected godparents too.  These people are family members that are important to us, as parents, so we hope that they'll be just as important to him. 

I'm committed to nurturing the connection of positive people in our lives.  It's hard, sometimes, to keep connections growing, but sometimes the work is easy.  Sometimes it's easy to lean on others no matter how blustery life can be. 

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