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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I want my Mommy...

I usually hear this around the time my son wakes up from a nap or very early in the mornings.  Either I or my husband will stumble upstairs to check on him.  Usually he needs help with his blanket and he's back to sleep.  But every time I hear I want my Mommy, my heart aches.  Literally.  Those four words make my chest ache.

My son is going through a Mommy phase.  My husband and I took a weekend vacation a couple of weeks ago and ever since we've been home I keep hearing those four simple words.  It's a simple request.  The kid just wants his Mommy.  Just my presence in the room is reassuring for him.  He's only 26 months old and as often as he tells me to leave him alone, he needs me just the same.

I'm sure it's healthy for him to go through this phase.  But how do you move through this fear that's embedded in his brain?  I take every chance I have to spend quality time with him.  I have even notice he wants to snuggle with me more, or find me down the hall in another room.  The first few days from being back from our vacation, he wouldn't let me out of his sight, and even sat on a stool in the bathroom while I took a shower.  He didn't mind.  He was with his Mommy.  And he waited very patiently while I finished showering too.  Surprisingly, I'm learning the amount of patience he has for me.  However, there are a few boundaries considering he goes to daycare everyday and every morning when I say 'See you soon!' he's standing there sobbing.

So how do I move forward?  Simple.  Just live today like everyday, and hope that tomorrow will get easier.  But those four simple words would be forever etched in my heart.

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