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Monday, January 31, 2011

To Snow... Or Not To Snow...?

Well... It looks like it's going To Snow.  Again.  Not just a dusting or a few inches.  The prediction is 15-20 inches.  Yup.  This is how our week is looking here in NH.  As much as I don't mind the snow, and don't mind driving in the snow... I think we've had our fair share of the snow.

Ice fishing, snow shoeing, and sledding, are just the few winter activities that families are gearing up for or have been doing for the past few weeks.  Unfortunately we haven't had much winter fun lately.  We do spend our time outside, my son loves to take walks in our neighborhood while pulling his sled.  He hasn't really learned how to enjoy riding in the sled.  I'm okay with that since most times he's asking to pull me along.  But he does enjoy pushing a shovel around in the yard and watch us clean up the driveway.

Most of our time is spent doing indoor activities.  Since my husband and I work full time during the week, we tend to look for low key activities with our kid.  He doesn't mind it that much either.  He particularly loves any sort of project. 

Painting is one of his favorites and loves to smear all the colors into a big blob in the middle of the paper.  Coloring with markers is his second favorite and that can usually hold his attention for quite a while.  We've tried watching some movies with him, of course they're age appropriate since he's 2.  But it seems any type of Pixar flick seems to hold his attention.  He recently enjoyed Meet the Robinson's.  I try not to use the tv as a babysitter with him, so we do try to do other things while the tv is on. 

He's getting really good with doing puzzles, the real kind and not the board pieces with knobs.  Those have started being too easy for him.  We have a few 24 piece puzzles that incorporate different Disney themes.  Of course they're from many popular movies: Toy Story 3, Mickey's Clubhouse, and Cars.  He loves them so much and they're really easy to do, considering the box doesn't show you what the puzzle should look like. 

One of his favorite puzzles is of animals, 2 pieces each, one is heads the other is tails.  The pieces are very large and easy for him to manipulate.  He learned how to 'do a puzzle' with this particular puzzle. 

Other than that, we may attempt to back or cook something fun.  But again, we haven't done much of that over the course of the winter, particularly because we don't spend much time at the grocery store.  But I'd love to rummage through the cupboards to see what could make a fun treat.  We have used my ice cream maker and have made eggnog chocolate chip ice cream, which was fantastic, if you like egg nog.  We then made regular chocolate chip ice cream.  My son doesn't seem to love ice cream as much as I do, but that's okay... I secretly want more for myself anyways.  He's more of a Popsicle boy. 

How have other families enjoyed their winter days?  Or are you enjoying summer instead?  If so... I'm jealous!

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