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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Your OWN soap!"

"WOW, you have your OWN soap now!"

He was sooo excited.  He's been asking for his own soap for a while.  Since Mommy and Daddy each have their own bar of soap, my son decided he would like to ask for his own bar of soap.  So how could I tell him No? 

We buy our soap from a local farmer.  I've posted other bars of soap that I've used from their farm, and I'm kind of addicted to their style.

So I told my son he could go to the goat farm and pick out his own bar of soap.  How cool is that?! He was quite the excited 2 year old boy!

Unfortunately I was not able to take him to the goat farm, however, I arranged for his Nana to take him one afternoon recently.  It was quite cold and windy, but they saw the goats.  My son was brought inside the farmers store and was able to pick out his very own bar of soap.  WOW!  You have no idea how special that made him feel.

A no nonsense bar with no fragrance or color for the most delicate skin. Lots of avocado oil added to make it the most gentle soap you can use.

Ingredients: our own goat milk, olive oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, soybean oil, sodium hydroxide.

He uses his soap every night during tubby time.  It's actually become his new toy and has very little interest in the large crate of toys he already owns.  He enjoys tossing the soap to make big splashes, hiding it under his legs and says: Where'd it go?  Or he starts scrubbing his body getting it squeaky clean.
In any case, it was a simple treasure for him and also has ingredients that are a lot safer than many you'd find in your local stores.  Not to mention we are supporting our local neighbors!  I know he'll be looking forward to a future visit to the goat farm.

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