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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a Snowman kind of day

We've had plenty of snow to tide us over for a while.  30+ inches and it just keeps coming.  If you're into winter sports, well this is the year to really enjoy that activity.

I haven't done much this winter, other than shoveling and throwing some salt in our driveway.  My son wants to build a snowman but the snow we've had is so powdery, it's just not the right consistency for snowman making.  It's actually nice, I think.  But to a 2 year old, all he wants to do is make some snowballs and a snowman.

Taking a walk in the neighborhood

The small storm we got last night has sent us the gift of really wet, heavy snow.  Horrible for shoveling, but perfect for snowman making.  Oh boy, oh boy... My boy will be so surprised and happy.

Unfortunately he's spending his day at school, so hopefully they get to play in the playground and make some snowballs, or something like that.

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