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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Friendly Neighbor

We recently inherited a new kitty.  She's a sweet little girl, about a year old.  She found our house the week of Christmas, and since then, she hasn't left.  I don't mind so much, and neither does my husband or kid.

We waited to see if a nearby neighbor was missing a kitty.  She was just the cutest thing, she must have a warm and loving home somewhere, right?

Weeks have passed and our cute little kitty has a new name.  We've named her Piper and it suites her just fine.  However she's developed another little thing... she's in heat.  Great. 

I knew this would be happening, as I had taken her to the vet a few days after she came to us.  Since we already have one cat at home, I needed to make sure things were going to be considerably healthy in our home.  Piper ended up being a very healthy cat, with some fleas, and hadn't been spayed.  So I knew this moment would come soon.  However, I hadn't really know what it was going to be like for us.

She howls and groans and moans.  It was kind of funny at first.  But we're into this a full week now and it's not so funny.  We're not sleeping much and have had to lock her in the storage room in our basement.  She's just SO loud.  If we leave her to roam in the house at night, she prefers to sit at the top of the stairs, maybe because it has the vaulted ceiling there, and howls, very very loud.  Very.  So we've taken some advanced measures and have even put her outside, just so we can have some peace.

Since she's an outdoor cat to begin with, she doesn't mind the outdoors.  So it's not a problem convincing her to go out.  But with her in heat, we're reluctant about how long she spends her time outside in fear she'll meet a friendly boy kitty.

Over the past few days she's met someone.  I've asked around and I believe he is neutered, but I'm just not so sure about that.  Piper still comes home and howls at night, so I'm hoping she's not expecting a litter.  In the meantime, she has this friend that walks her home and likes to peek into our home.

He's sort of a burly cat, with yellow eyes.  I hear he's a sweet boy... but I'm just not so sure.  I don't mind that she has a playmate, if that's what he is for her.  But I get weary about their activity.

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