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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Earthkeepers

I bought a pair of snazzy boots through a friend's employee store, and I was first excited for the amazing deal.  But after having these wowzer boots, all I can say is WOW... what have I been waiting for all these years? Thankfully we are amidst another snowy day here in NH and I'm able to wear this boots for a 2nd day, and boy-oh-boy, my feet feel great! 

I've own a pair of snow boots since I was, say, 15 years old.  Back when my Mom would say: "Make sure you buy a size bigger because your feet are probably still growing."  And so I did, buying a size I thought my feet would someday fill. 

Fourteen years later, I still have those boots, and they're still as size too big.  So I went on a search for some decent boots that FIT and kept my feet warm and dry. 

I heard about these boots and I was immediately on board.  My feet could not be happier, especially when I'm scuffing through slushy snow on a day like today.

I hope to get possibly 14 years out of these boots, just like my cheap 'stormer' boots that I bought when I was 15.

Do you have boots that you love just as much?  Or are you still wearing old Stormers like I had been wearing.  If you are... you need to check into these Earthkeepers!  It's well worth the price!

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