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Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's summer time and my 20 month old son has a new bike.  It has fancy streamers, red handle bars, bright blue seat, and a yellow bucket in the back for toys, rocks, sticks, dirt... you name it. 

He can't quite maneuver the peddles so he finds pushes makes the bike move faster.

He likes hopping on and off the bike, and playing with a bell we added later.  The bell was something his smaller bike had and he enjoys making the 'ding-ding' sound.

He's pretending to make the 'ding-ding' sound.

We haven't spent too much time with the bike.  Usually he plays with it in the house and rides in the kitchen or living room.  So we never really had any issues or thoughts about using a helmet.  But he is fully aware of what a helmet is.

My son loves hats.  He wears one every day, just because it's what we do.  When he was a baby I would have him wear a hat so he wouldn't get a burn on his scalp.  The hat has become a staple when we leave the house.  He has choose to pick from and he's always excited to put a hat on himself.

Recently he's noticed motorcycles and bicycles on the roads and even sees they wear a hat.  I mention their called helmets and that's what people wear when they ride a bike.  He now calls them hehmets and is insisting he needs a hehmet for his new bike.

'Soon' is all I can tell him.  His birthday is in a few months and it would make a fun gift for him.  But a helmet for a 2 year old?  I've never shopped for a kids size helmet.  Where do I even start?  I found a link on the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute and there is more information that I had imagined about helmets.  Who knew there was so much talk about helmets!

But my silly-putty loves hats and what better addition to our collection but to have a hat that is hard... a helmet! 

I'll have to do a bit more research on which helmet to find.  Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to buy a helmet for a toddler?  Is it something I'll need to size his little noggin before purchasing?  I've debating about using a hand-me-down but I've also read the pads in the helmets aren't as supportive after so much usage in hand-me-downs.

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