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Friday, August 6, 2010

The lake

We spent 4 nights and 5 days at the lake.  The cottage is set in a cove so there isn't much boat traffic near us, but we see a lot of kayaks and canoe's.  So it was a perfect spot to let him run around.  He hasn't developed the idea he's invisible so he didn't care to go in too deep.  He prefered to go up to his ankles or knees. 

He loved the water, the sand, the fish.  Splashing the water with his hands or swimming on his belly along the sandy beach, he was in his glory.

By 8:30am we were in the water.  We couldn't help it.  The water was staring at us and the sun was so bright.  We had to change from our pj's straight into our bathing suits.  He'd run to the water as if something was meeting him there.  I suppose there was, the water. 

That's the lake, we'd tell him and he was try to repeat us.  However, he's still 20 months old so he babbles a lot and it takes either myself or my husband to interpret what he's saying. 

The lake has so much to offer, from swimming to boating, to digging in the sand, to calling the fishies.  The lake was surely missed the day we left to go home but I know he'll remember some stories for next time.  We'll make sure of it.

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