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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


4 nights and 5 days were spent outdoors.  Swimming in a lake, riding on a boat, and sleeping in a tent.  And do I dare mention the mischief a 20 month old can get into?  Nah... I'll save those stories. 

My silly putty loved the tent and would giggle and squirm with excitment when it was time for bed or a nap.  Our tent is rather large and is advertised to hold 8-9 people.  But of course there are only three of us, a queen size air mattress, a pack n' play, and all of our gear.  He thought it was a play room but I quickly had to remind him that this was a place where we sleep.  He seemed fine with that answer and went about his day, but always got excited for bed.

One particular morning, while it was still quite chilly, he chose to stay in bed a little longer and read.  It was a moment I couldn't help but capture and add to his scrapbook of memories.

It wasn't until the day we were packing up to head home, that I was able to capture a few more moments of him enjoying our tent. 

Looking for Dada

Trying to clean up

He'll let Mama take a turn but quickly wants to sweep again.

I'm positive he'll love to go camping again but he may need to wait until next year.  Some of these nights are getting really cool, and into the low 40's. 

Just waking up from his nap and not so ready to go home.

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