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Monday, August 9, 2010

Windows: open or closed?

I love sleeping with the windows open, no matter how cool it may get at night during the summer months.  I love the summer air and prefer to leave the windows in our home open all day long.  Even if it's raining, I like them open.  I love the smell of the warm rainy air.

I managed to marry a guy who is the opposite of me.  He prefers to keep the windows closed, all day, all night.  At the first sign of a rain drop, he's running around the house shutting the windows.  The house warms up so quickly and the air feels too stuffy. 

We have an A/C unit in the kitchen wall.  I do not like to use this unless the weather is extremely unbearable.  I love the summer heat that much.  Sometimes I'll agree to turn it on, but only for a few hours which is just long enough to get the humidity out of the house.  It's actually nice not to have my bare feet stick to my tile floors.

There is one concern my husband and I have, and it has to do with the windows in our 20 month old sons room.  He sleeps upstairs from us, and on the other side of the house.  The sun sets on the other side of the house, directly in my sons bedroom.  So when he goes to sleep, the room is shining with light and is quite warm.  If his windows are open, there is a nice breeze.  However, by the time I or my husband go to bed, we are scrambling upstairs to close the windows.  Here in our neighborhood, the temperature can get really cool this time of the year.  I refuse to dress my son in warm pj's at night, so instead he has a little onsie on and I do notice by the time I'm off to bed, his little thighs are chilly.  I try to add an extra blanket since he's usually laying on the one I originally gave him.  That extra layer usually wakes him up.  So instead I lay the blanket next to him and close his window. 

I have constant battles in my head, as well as with my husband.  I fear he'll be too hot, like his Mommy, and wake up in the middle of the night.  Or do I risk the potential drop in temperature and keep his windows open, only to fear he catches a cold while only wearing his onsie?  We can only hope that it doesn't rain, most times the rain comes at an angle and right through his windows.  Lucky him, his room is blessed with experiencing all sorts of weather.

I feel we're really neurotic about our windows.  Do other parents debate over whether to leave the windows open?  Or is the A/C on all summer? 


  1. I always worried about whether my baby was too hot or cold as well. My children are 7 and 3 and I still wake up and check on them if it's a hot or cool night. If it's quite bright in his room and that makes it hot, I would get a blind that blocks out the sun and put that down in the afternoon. There is no debate about a/c in our house, if it's hot and humid it's on and if there is a cool breeze we enjoy the fresh air.

  2. We do have shades in his room but they're not the type for 'darkening'. He's never had an issue going to bed (yet) while the sun is still up. I may encounter this down the road though. We do have a a/c unit upstairs in the spare room, and use a box fan to send the cooler air across to his room. It doesn't cool completely but it does help with the humidity.



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