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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Shopping

I really do like shopping during the holidays.  But shopping with crazy shoppers?  No thanks.

This year I did most of my holiday shopping online.  Particularly through Amazon.  I tried to buy locally, when possible, and when the price fit my budget.  But unfortunately most of the items that I purchased online were a lot cheaper, and I was able to get free shipping.  How can you pass up free shipping?

With a lot of online shopping, comes a lot of packaging.  I'm trying to re purpose a lot of the boxes we are getting.  Thankfully, some shipments are coming in bags, so I'm not left with huge, over sized boxes. 

There have been a few days where my family would bundle up and trek out to the local stores.  It was nice to be out for the short period, enjoy the festive decorations and also let the kid enjoy shopping too.  He does enjoy it, believe it or not.  Although, I'm beginning to wonder if he enjoys the small treat he gets early in the day: Munchkins =)

Running outside Stonewall Kitchen

So we're officially finished our shopping.  Crazy, I know.  We have a few more presents to wrap, then we can sit back and enjoy the holidays. 

Have you gotten into the Christmas spirit yet?  Or are you dragging your feet with the holidays?

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  1. I finished my shopping on Monday. I did most of it online, but on Monday I went to the mall for the last few things - stocking stuffers and so on. Even though it was late morning on a weekday, the place was PACKED. I was glad to be done and not have to go back.

    The decorating, though, is still waiting to happen. I'm telling myself it will be this weekend. Honestly, I'm not terribly eager to put my 2-year-old and a decorated tree in the same house together for longer than necessary.



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