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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Star

We picked our Christmas tree this year and it wasn't from a field where we had to cut it down ourselves.  I would have preferred that.  Instead, I made the compromise with my husband and agreed to buy a tree pre-cut.  Except we didn't go to the local store to buy one, we ventured to our local greenhouse and picked one there.

I know they were more expensive than what we would have paid if we were to cut our own, but I felt I was helping support our local community.  And they even gave us a 4.5 inch poinsettia plant.  All-right! (raises hand with a whoop)

We loaded the tree into the car and the three of us buckled up and headed home.  We were eager to start decorating, or trimming.  I grew up decorating, while others know it as trimming.  Either way, the job gets done and you can feel the festivities creep into your home.

We let our 2 year old son help decorate the tree by being part of the family train.  My husband would unwrap the ornaments, hand them to our son, then he'd walk them over to me.  He was careful to hold onto the hook or string.  And he was very careful.  Although he was also careful enough to examine each piece.  He grew tired of the decorating because his real excitement was for The Star.  He didn't understand that we waited to put The Star on top of the tree at the end.  He wanted to do it first.  But we wanted him to know that it was just as special as he had wanted it to be and we'd let him put The Star on at the very end. 

The Star eventually made it to the top of our tree.  It made his heart sing.  Afterwards, the three of us took a step back to admire our Christmas tree.  And then we made a family hug together.  My son was living in the moment and kept saying Again... Again... So there we were, giving a group hug repeatedly in our living room in front of our Christmas tree.  I'm sure if there were any neighbors walking their dog outside, they would have wondered what the heck we were doing.  But it was a moment that will last in my mind about our Christmas this year, and it's a reminder about what's important to me.

While The Star makes my sons eyes twinkle, I will remember the warmth from the simplicity while adding a decoration that I have taken for granted.  The holidays can be just another day to some, but not in the eyes of a child.  There is just too much magic in the air, you cannot ignore its purity.

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