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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


As the holidays are quickly approaching, I'm finding myself trying to slow down the holiday buzz.  The holidays have crept through the radio with songs, into the tv commercials, onto drive-thru coffee cups, and of course inside the stores. 

Today is the first of December and I am not ready to take off my turkey themed table cloth.  Yet, I wish I had bought my Christmas tree yesterday.  I'm eager to share the holiday cheer with my son but I don't want to overload him with the experience either.  We'll get there, but I'm dragging my feet on decorating the house.

I'm meddling with a few ideas on how to keep traditions alive and would also like to start new traditions.  I'm feeling overwhelmed with the idea of traditions and, really, wish I could do it all.  Maybe that's why I'm hesitant about diving in head first. 

I feel like there's not a lot of time for the holidays.  As fast as they come, they're gone too quickly.  We need to make time to enjoy a hot cup of coco and soak in the holiday cheer.  There's always something to be greatful for and it would make for a great advent calendar to pick one word that describes what we're greatful for, today.

Today is December first, and after visiting my doctor for a physical, I am greatful for my health.

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