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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Introducing Santa

My son is just shy of turning 25 months old.  He really doesn't remember what Christmas was like last year.  We didn't go crazy over Christmas last year either.  It was a simple day for us and he had a blast with the wrapping paper and boxes.  This year, it's a little different.

He has learned what presents are and has quickly learned Santa likes to give presents too.  But as we talk more about Santa and his reindeer, my son grows a little skeptical about who Santa really is.  I tell him that Santa will come into the house one night, while we're all sleeping, and he'll leave presents for us.  Would you like that? No, he replies.  He would love to receive presents from Santa, but why at night while we're asleep?  I can see it in his face that there is something weird about a strange man entering our house in the middle of the night.  Why would Mommy & Daddy allow that to happen?  He's not asking this, but I can see these types of questions swirling that 2 year old brain of his.

I'm trying to keep the story simple, he's only 2 years old.  But I can see I'm going to have some tough questions ahead of me.

We attempted visiting Santa in the mall, and my son enjoyed saying HI and giving Santa a high-five.  But that was it.  The picture had to be taken as a family photo, and still, my son was a little weary of the man next to him.  We left the mall with a small present from Santa: a coloring book and crayons.  That was enough to make my sons day, and it turned out being the conversation he had with us.  All day long.

This year, Santa is going to bring lots of gifts for my son, and I'm concerned Santa may have done too much.  But I suppose there is a different magic in the air when you're with a 2 year old, and everything seems new again.

Christmas lights seem brighter, the Christmas tree smells more pine-y, and snow globes look more sparkly.  Maybe Santa has the right idea and spoiling a 2 year old is okay, especially when the idea of Santa seems so special and magical.  How can Santa not overdo the presents for a 2 year old!

How have you introduced Santa to your kid(s)?  What sort of questions did they have for you?

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