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Monday, November 8, 2010


We spent the morning at the photographers studio.  The studio is private, it's actually in a condo specifically rented for photography.  She specializes in weddings and newborn photos.  But she takes all sorts of pictures.  I really enjoy her work and I like her patience with my son. 

This was our 2nd visit.  The first one, six months ago, was not so pleasant.  My son didn't want to be there.  He didn't care for the big fancy shmancy camera, or the photographer.  As nice as she was, she spent the whole hour with us trying to convince my son that he would enjoy getting his picture taken.  But that particular day, not so much.

Today was a different story.  I spent most of our weekend discussing the big fancy shmancy camera.  I talked about the silly faces we'd make.  I mentioned the big fancy shmancy camera would also 'click', just like Dora's did. 

We watch Dora, I'm sure like most kids, my son is obsessed with this chick.  I don't know what it is about Dora that he loves, or maybe he just loves Boots.  Two reasons, 1-he's a monkey, and 2-he wears boots!  Well, there is a particular episode where Dora travels through the forest looking for animals.  When she spots an animal everyone says CLICK.  She snaps the picture and enters her photos in a contest.

Since my son loves cameras and picture taking (only by me), I thought this would be a fun episode to watch since we'd be visiting the studio today with the big fancy shmancy camera.  And it would "click".  Just like Dora's does... is what he'd say.  He seemed a little weary, but I was convinced he was ready for a 2nd visit in the studio.  I wanted his 2 year old pictures done, so I was committed to making this work.  He ended up surprising me.

He's a little shy about people knowing his name, especially when he doesn't know the person at all.  So it took a few minutes to warm up to the studio.  But a few minutes is all he needed.  He was running around, and cooperating with the photographer faster than I had imagined.  He sang his ABC's, played peekaboo, jumped on the couch, stood on a chair, roared like a dinosaur, and plopped into the bean bag... and all doing it on queue!  I was stunned.  He really did enjoy the sound of the "click".

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