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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I recently received a new pair of glasses.  I've owned glasses for a few years now, but I rarely wore them.  I wasn't blind, and I felt I could make due by squinting.  It really wasn't an issue.  Until I couldn't squint hard enough, my vision remained blurry. 

I find that I don't need my glasses while sitting at my computer while working.  Although I do feel my eyes are feeling strained, I can still see clearly, so I assume that strained feeling is associated with sitting infront of the computer screen for 9 hours a day.  It can create quite the headache.

I like the glasses, although this picture is kind of goofy.  I felt awkward taking a picture of myself while sitting at my desk.  I find myself putting them on throughout the day because I do wonder if I should be wearing them more often than I am.  At least to try and eliminate my headaches.

I find a huge difference while driving lately.  I cannot believe I was driving around without them.  Even though I knew where I was going, I really wasn't seeing where I was going.  Scary.

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