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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toy Story

It's quite popular in our home.  We watch Buzz-Woody so frequently, I keep one of the dvds in the dvd player.  My little guy isn't even 2 and he's obsessed with the characters.  I think it's funny to see the types of toys, themes, and characters that hook themselves into my sons heart.  He has a hard time letting go of them.

Dressed up as Buzz-Woody for trick or treating

It's quite funny actually.  I decided to let him play the part of his hero, Buzz.  He ran around the neighborhood for the whole hour and half that we were outside.  There was no stopping him.  He was Buzz of course!

But after 3 parties as Buzz, we decided to let Woody join the crowds.  He had as much fun, if not more.  I actually don't know which character my son enjoyed more.  He loves them both equally, it's hard to pick one.

Woody's ready for the next party!

Do you let your kids decide what to dress up for Halloween?  Or is everyday Halloween in your home?

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