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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

He makes me laugh

We're in his bedroom getting ready for bed.  He's had a bath and I'm working on getting his pj's on his chilly little body.  I notice his has a small scab on the back of his calf.  I ask him if he has a boo-boo.  He says yah.

How did you get it?

Big Bear over there.

You got a boo-boo from Big Bear?

No.  The bed.

You were on the bed?

Bumped my head. Taps head.

You were jumping on the bed and you hit your head?

Momma called doctor and doctor said (points finger) NO more monkeys jumping on bed!


How did my conversation about a boo-boo lead into that song?  He was so proud of himself and when I picked him up to finish zipping his pj's he laughs and says: Silly Goose!

Yes, you are a silly goose... You are my silly putty.

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