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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dip Dip

I never realized how much food we eat that requires dip dip.  I've experimented on a few different meals to see which type of dip my son prefers.  He doesn't mind ketchup, and will even use salsa.  He won't touch sweet and sour sauce, and he's not the biggest fan of syrup.  He's accepted pumpkin butter, but he loves honey.

Dip dip is exactly what it sounds like, and we've even nicknamed one of our meals: Dip Dip.  All it is, is cheese quesadilla's that we use either marinara sauce or salsa.  I prefer salsa, my husband likes marinara.  For a while my son would use the salsa, I think because he liked saying the word: salsa.  It is quite fun to say, especially when you're learning new words every day. =)

Last night we had our traditional 'dip dip' meal and he asked for honey in a ball.  A ball?? I asked him again.  Yup, he's saying ball, but after a few attempts I realized he meant to say bowl.  Well that sounds a lot more appealing than honey on a ball!

Desert, when we have it, is typically cookies.  I like to buy the mini cookies that are in individual snack size bags.  And of course, dip dip needs to go with our cookies.  So we give our little man a shot glass that is half full with his milk.  Sometimes he likes to dip his cookies in the milk, and sometimes he just shoves them into his mouth.  But the best part is being able to drink the cookie flavored milk afterwards.  Smack the lips and say AHHHH.

My son goes through spurts of appetite.  Most days he just picks, and maybe once or twice a week he has a really good appetite.  So I try my hardest not to stress over how much he eats, and try to make eating fun... with dip dip!  He's working hard at telling me what he wants to eat, or how he wants to eat his food. 

We're still experiencing a battle ground over most of this 'table talk', so I'm curious to know how others are enjoying their meals?  Do you have a favorite dip too?

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