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Thursday, November 18, 2010


My silly putty is two today.

Where has the time gone?  He's grown so much in just two years, I cannot imagine what this next year holds for us, but I'm excited for it. 

Two years ago at 5:24pm my baby was born. 

A cesarean birth was decided around 5:00, due to the fact my unborn son's heart rate was not normal, and I had to lay in a specific direction for him to have a normal heart rate.  I had been in labor for about 8 hours and I could not dilate further than 8cm.  I was also nauseous and exhausted and had opted for the epidural earlier in the day, but by 2pm it had worn off.  The contractions were tolerable, however my nausea was not.  I'd go through hot and cold spells and it was as if I had a fever, but the nurses would continue to check my temperature and I was consistently normal. 

Once the decision was made around 5:00, I was prepped for surgery and I was whisked into the operating room.  I remember trying to haul myself onto the operating table "Can you move yourself over?" they asked me. 

Seriously?  I feel like a whale!  I was just given a dose of meds for surgery and I was numb to my neck.  There was no way I'd be moving anything myself.

Twenty-four minutes later, my silly putty was born.  It wasn't the dramatic scene you'd imagine a labor being because for me, I was more in shock for the quick turn in events. 

My husband left with our new baby and watched him get cleaned and weighed.  7lbs 16oz is what the nurse calculated.  Isn't that 8lbs then? he asked the nurse.  Oh yeah.

My hospital experience wasn't as bad as I had thought, although we do have some not-so-fond memories too.  Now two years later, I'm contemplating what my second birthing experience will be like.  Most likely I'll be having another cesarean but I'm wondering if I should change to a hospital closer to home.

Despite the sort of day I had while in labor with my son, he turned out to be extremely healthy and happy.  I couldn't have asked for a happier baby for my first child.

However, that happiness is fading in his personality as he sinks into his two-dom world.  The lack of communication leads to frustrations and moans and whines and tears.  We try hard to use our words and describe how we're feeling, but some days are harder than others.  And today was one of those days.

I'm sure we'll have many more teary days ahead, and I'm stocking up on my patience pills.  But for now I'll take each day as it comes and hope for more smiles in our future.

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