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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating

We have a few pumpkins on our front steps, by few I mean four.  I really have no desire to carve them this year.  Okay, maybe I'll carve one, but really... that's it.  I just can't fathom carving four pumpkins.  My husband isn't interested in carving any.  But Halloween is around the corner and really, how can you go through Halloween without having a Jack-O-Lantern by your front door? 

So I decided to let my son decorate his own pumpkin.  He had a blast at the idea of painting.  I never realized how much he enjoyed painting!  He used every color we had and painted in the same spot, over and over again.  I'd suggest painting in a different area, but he insisted on painting in the same spot.  Over and over again.

He's so excited to start painting!

We included some foam stickers shaped like dinosaurs, trucks, cars, planes, trains, and helopcopters.  Then we glued some pom poms... just to add some extra flare =)

He didn't want to stop.  He whined to keep painting and sticking and gluing.  I'm glad he appreciated the quick craft we completed together.  Actually, HE did the crafting while I did the gluing.  He didn't want me to help in any way.  I don't mind though since I was thrilled to see his artistic side.

My crafty kid... he was so proud =)

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