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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mummy... socks off!

We've gotten into a habit of taking our shoes off at the front door.  I am trying to teach my son the habit of sitting on the steps inside the house so I can remove his shoes, coat, and hat.  Sometimes he's too excited and flees into the house.  Other times he's pleased with the new routine and doesn't fuss much.  But lately he's taken to the idea of removing the socks as well.

Typically, during the warmer months, I don't care much for socks myself.  In fact, no surprise, but we don't wear socks that much. 

However, our house has hardwood floors and ceramic tile.  We do have a few scatter rugs, but that ceramic tile can be cold.  Apparently my son doesn't mind.  He insists on pulling those itty-biddy socks off his feet, and keep his toes cold. 

He'll tell me he's pulled his socks off.  If I ask him if they were hot, he'll say yes and start blowing on his toes.  Because when our food is hot, we blow on the food to cool it off.  I think he's having a hard time with these differences, because when I do feel his feet to see if they are warm, they're cold. 

He prefers bare feet.  So do I.  But we're working on wearing fun slippers, although he'd rather wear his green froggy boots that are too small for his growing feet. 

We pick our battles and he knows that socks are required with shoes.  However, while spending time in the house, the socks are off.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a battle similar to this.  In fact, I let my son win these battles because I'm sure there will be other, more important, issues that I'll need to find a hefty compromise with him.

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