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Friday, October 15, 2010

Flying Solo

At the end of the day I feel good.  I know my son and I can find the patience for each other and tackle each speed bump together.  He's not quite 2 yet, but he thinks he's a smart cookie.  Well, he is, but I'm biased. 

For the next four weeks, except weekends, my son and I will be doing what we do without his Daddy.  He'll be away for work and it's really the first time since our son was born that he has a commitment like this.  But it's okay.  We'll make it okay. 

My husband does the morning wake-up routine with our son.  This includes getting him up, change diaper, dressing for the day, and coming downstairs to settle him onto the couch and flips on the Disney channel.  After handing some milk to our son, he's set for the time being while I get myself ready and pack lunches. 

Daddy is missed.  Terribly.  Morning 2 had my son asking for Daddy before he could even see clearly after waking up.  I explain that Daddy had to leave early and he gave a smooch while you were sleeping, he loves you.  The comprehension of a 22 month old is limited, but I know he can understand simple facts. 

So it's not often my son and I get to spend so much solo time together.  It almost feels like he knows he is just with me and is not being so two-year-old towards me.  It's nice actually.  I haven't had any breakdown moments with him.  For the most part, he's been very well behaved.  (knock on wood)

Granted, we've only made it through the first week.  My husband drives home today and come Monday we'll be saying bye again.  My son won't understand this schedule, but I'm sure we can manage.  We'll find balance together.

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