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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

big boy undies

J is 19 months old and is slowly learning about the potty.  He doesn't visit it often because we haven't really started potty training.  But he does sit on the potty every night before he jumps in the bath.  He enjoys his time on the potty.  We have a small potty seat that sits on top of our seat.  It's plain, white with black trim, and has a bear on it.  He loves that bear and constantly tells us there's a beah on it.  You gotta love the fact he's inheriting the New England accent.

About a week ago J went pee pee on the potty!  We were very excited, jumped up and down, gave high fives, and cheered.  We had a crazy party in the potty room.  I started to think about how I wanted to move forward with these special moments.  So I decided to create my own potty charts for him.  I bought some simple 1st grade lined paper and used different colored crayons to create a chart.  J's Potty Chart is written on the top and I added a fun Elmo sticker in the first square to identify the first pee pee on the potty. 

J loves that chart, or rather, he loves the Elmo sticker that's on that chart.  I doubt he understands what it means, but I hope he learns more as soon as he goes pee pee on the potty again.  He still prefers to go pee pee in the bath, and will even stand there and tell me he's going pee pee.  I do tell him: Yes, you are going pee pee but you're in the tub, someday you'll be able to do that on the potty.  I point to the potty and he seems to understand, but there is still a fear in his eyes about actually doing pee pee there.

I know over time things will just click.  And I'm okay with waiting.  He's only 19 months old.  But I do encourage the interest he has, even if it's so minimal we only do potty time at night.  Occasionally I've asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty but he has no interest. 

I still wanted to be prepared and introduce big boy undies to him.  I even bought them in his favorite characters: Seasame Street.  But still, he was not as excited as I thought he'd be.  So I thought, well maybe he doesn't really understand how he'd wear these clothes. 

So I had him try a pair on, but it didn't seem to phase him.  He wore them but didn't acknowledge they were there.  Oh well.  I'll pull them out again later on and see how he reacts.  But for now those big boy undies will be patiently waiting for that big day.

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