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Friday, July 16, 2010

MY down time

I don't get much down time like I used to... before having my baby.  That definition of down time is something I can't even remember.  The down time I have now is something very special.  So special because I rarely get enough down time to realize I'm experiencing a down time moment. 

It usually takes me almost a whole hour to realize I'm in a down time moment.  By the time I've unwound, emptied my thoughts, check my email, or clipped my nails, I realize I could have enjoyed my time doing something else. 

There should be a list of down time actiivites I should know off the back of my hand.  Things that I know I can do when I have a spontaneous down time moment.  But I'm sure that list would be misplaced or fallen under the refrigerator. 

Some things I'd like to do during my down time would be: read, take a walk, paint toe nails (haven't been done in a year!!), sit on the porch to soak up some sun, or take a bike ride (haven't rode my bike in over 4 years!).

Ideally I'd like a minimum of 30 minutes of down time a day.  This 30 minutes would have to be an hour before I fall asleep on the couch too.  I have a tendency to realize I should have ME time when it's close to bed time.  I value sleep way too much to encorporate an activity before bed.  So lately, sleep has become my ME time.  Yes, sleep.  However, lately, I haven't been sleeping that well.  I've been waking up in the middle of the night for whatever reason (too hot or a nightmare) and cannot get back to sleep until a couple of hours later.  So maybe starting a routine of 30 minute ME down time would help me feel balanced.

So what do you do during your down time?  DO you have down time?  Do you have to schedule your down time into your life?  Or are you like me and realize you're doing something ridiculous during the time you could have spent using for yourself?

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