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Monday, July 26, 2010

New school... New germs

I should have expected this would happen, but after two weeks I thought we were okay. 

This weekend proved me wrong...

Your tiny body is so tired, you can hardly stay awake.  You rub your eyes.  They look puffy with red lids. 

With a fever and no sleep, you manage to find the energy to play with Daddy and Mommy.  Somewhere inside you, the goofy silly putty still exists.  Until you need down time... it's hard for you to relax.

We manage through the day.  We manage through the night.  Somehow, we survive these battlefields and we're grateful this is all we have to endure. 

You may have gained another week at home with us and vacation, but when we go back to school next week the cycle may return.  What new germ will this new school present to us next time? 

Taking a very early nap... and ended up naping 3.5 hours and waking up with a 102.3 fever

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