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Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's interesting to see what you discover and which discoveries you find fascinating.  This week in our car rides home you've been talking about tails.  Maybe it's because you have water toys in the car from your doctors office.  Instead of stickers or candy, they give you water toy fishies.  So you like pointing out the tail on the fish and then you start telling me monkeys have tails too.  You say: Aah Aah which is your version of what the monkey says.  We go through the list of tails on any animal.  Fishies, monkeys, elephants, giraffs, turtles, kitties, puppies... the list goes on and on. 

I ask you if Mama has a tail.  You pause to think and you say Hmmmmmm.  I watch you think and I wonder if you really don't know or if you're pondering the question and trying to imagine me with a tail.  After a moment I chime in to say Noooooo and shake my head.  Mama doesn't have a tail!  That's just silly.  You giggle and shake your head with me and say Nooooooo.  We repeat this about Dada and about himself.  All responding with a Noooooo, no tail...

It becomes a game and we talk about tails for what seems like a half hour.  And it probably is because you're that fascinated with the topic.  I love our conversations because you're such a sponge and you're retaining a lot of information.  I love seeing what sort of things you remember. 

I look forward to our car rides together.  It's there that we have incredible discoveries and laughter together.  :)

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