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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Canada... you have quirky quarters

It's about that time of the day where I'm craving a vending machine snack.  I rummage through my change and find the amount I need and head to the cafeteria.  I know what I want, and I even know the code that needs to be selected to retrieve my glorious vending treat.

I insert the change and hear the clink clink clink, then a clunk.  What was that?  I feel inside the change dispenser and there lies that mischievous Canadian quarter!  I didn't realize I had it since it's almost identical to the US quarter.

We use those silly Canadian quarters for US quarters.  They are accepted at stores and vendors but not vending machines.  Nope, vending machines don't understand the language of the Canadian quarter.

So I had to press the return button on the vending machine and this fool machine decides to hand me back my change in dimes and one nickle.  All 75 cents worth!  I can tell you right now that is not what I had before starting this charade.  But I take my change reluctantly, along with the good ol' Canadian quarter and trek back to my cubie where I find my wallet.  I pull a mangy dollar bill out and cross my fingers it will be accepted.  I dump my change along with that quirky Canadian quarter back into my wallet.  It will have to be saved and used for a cup of coffee from the cafeteria ladies. 

Have you ever found yourself arguing with a vending machine? 

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