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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Bumpa is my father.  Bumpa is what my son calls my father.  It took my son a while to warm up to my dad.  Although my dad never gets goofy around babies, so it was hard to get a warm and fuzzy feeling from him.  When J was a baby, he would cry, sob, while sitting on Bumpa's lap.  Today, things have gotten better, although J is still a little weary about seeing Bumpa at first.  But he gets SO excited and will yell BUMPA every time he sees him.  And when we don't see Bumpa, J is trying to call him on the phone.

So when we had the opportunity to spend some vacation time with Bumpa, J was more than happy.

Bumpa & J waiting for a train ride up north.

This is how Bumpa smiles.  I guess J is learning from him too.

Another example of Bumpa having fun with J. 

There really is nothing like having a Bumpa.  For some reason my son cannot stop talking about him.  They have an unspeakable bond that nobody can figure out.  But I guess that's okay. 

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