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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's a short term activity, but we do use bubbles at home when we're outside.  My 19 month old son is becoming very independant and is trying to do as much on his own as possible.  Including blowing bubbles from a wand. 

He hasn't quite mastered how to sniff through his nose to smell flowers.  Instead he blows air out from his mouth.  So you'd think he'd get the concept of blowing bubbles on his own.

I didn't mind that he would put the wand on his nose and blow air out his mouth.  But after seeing his Daddy blow bubbles the right way, J wanted to try it again...

Yes, he thought it was like a popsicle, but he didn't eat the bubbles.  Licking them was enough to make him realize something wasn't right.

After giving the yucky face we reminded him that we don't eat the bubbles.  He knew he was being silly...

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