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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bathing in coffee

Saturday morning was a typical morning.  Wake up, make some coffee, play with J, make breakfast, clean up and get ready for the day.  Nothing to crazy, right? 

Well this particular morning I decided to use my Steamboat Willie mug (one of my favorites).  J has only seen this mug a handful of times because I have a few favorites that I like to use, depending on my mood.  J absolutely loves Mickey Mouse and will refer to him as 'Ickey'.  So this morning he was SO excited I was using the Ickey mug.  Of course he doesn't understand why he can't touch it, but that's okay, I explain anyways and hope he retains something I said.

We finish breakfast and while I'm cleaning up the dishes, my husband is finishing his coffee on the couch and watching his home improvement shows on HGTV.  J is padding around the kitchen through the living room and around again, getting into anything and everything.  Of course, there was the Icky mug, sitting on the kitchen table way up high, but no longer out of his little arms reach. 

It all happened so fast, yet it appeared in slow motion as I watched it happen.  I'm at the sink washing dishes, I overhear J babbling about something so I turn to see what he's doing.  Of course!  Steamboat Willie is right there, how can he resist!  J grabs the handle and slowly tips the mug off the table.  Meanwhile I'm dashing around the kitchen trying to grab the mug (filled with coffee) before he could get to it.  I'm not even at his side when I see coffee spill out of the mug and onto the floor.  Next thing I know I'm sliding in and around him, thanks to the fresh coffee on the ceramic tile floor.  I grab the mug from him and in doing so, I end up spilling the rest of the coffee all over J's face!  The mug ended up on the floor, shattered.

By this time my husband is in the kitchen with us and we're both horrifed that we'll be seeing little boils of blisters appearing on J's face.  I take him to the sink and can only think of dunking his head under the faucet.  I stop myself before doing that and really take a good look at what happened to his face.  He's crying hysterically and his face is red.  Luckily my coffee had been in the mug for a while and it wasn't hot like I had expected it to be.  It was more like bath water.  Still, J was upset.  Clearly, this was a traumatic situation! 

I'm glad J is ok.  But my Steamboat Willie mug was thrown straight into the trash. 

I've since looked online to try and find where I can buy a replacement, but it seems like they are collectables now.  I did find a random picture of one, maybe someday I'll have another one.

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