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Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're climbing stairs

After visiting the pediatrician yesterday I learned J is up 2 pounds since his last visit in November. This is a good thing. The sort of bad thing is, J doesn't gain weight regularly like a normal growth chart shows. His looks more like stairs and I'm sure by this point, will continue to look like stairs.

Since he has started eating adult foods I have become very neurotic about how much he eats, and whether or not he's really hungry or just annoyed at his buffet style meals. Yes, toddlers will eat when they're hungry, but if they're upset they will also not eat or vomit everything you just gave them. Most nights I feel so defeated by the charades we play but when I pull him out of his high chair and put him down on the floor, he pitter-patters away in glee. I feel I have lost the battle. But meal times shouldn't be a struggle, right? We should be enjoying a family meal together (most nights) and talking about our day. Right? I guess that's my ultimate goal with this process.

So last night I left the doctors office with a sigh of relief knowing he gained 2 pounds. But I know the battle will continue until he can tell me what he wants to eat. Last night we had a successful evening: half grilled cheese with broccoli and carrots, and few cubed cheese bites.

OH and another discovery from the doctors visit: he has a small case of pink eye in his right eye. I now have to give him a drop 2-3 times a day. You can imagine the scene this creates. My Husband tried to help by hold all of J's limbs down but that creates more of a dramatic scene. SO I somehow manipulate his flailing legs and arms around my body while I cradle his head in the crook of my arm, pry his eye lid open, and barely squeeze a drop of medicine in his eye. Oh the joy of parenthood. As soon as it's all over, he sits up, stops crying and runs to play. Within a few minutes he is not mad at me anymore and gives me a smooch. You gotta admire the unconditional love these tots have for someone who is always creating so much drama in their life...

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