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Monday, January 4, 2010

Coffee Break

I'm not the type of person who needs a cup of coffee every day. I don't know why, I just have never been that way. Our big fancy coffee maker is a grind and brew. This requires a lot of cleaning when you have to make a fresh pot. So my coffee consumption has only been 2 cups max.

However, we have recently started using the Keurig coffee maker. Now, well, I look forward to selecting my coffee of choice from our carrousel, feed the k-cup into the brewer and secure the cover. We have the brewer that gives two options for cup size: small and large. I select small so I have a stronger flavored coffee this morning. Quietly my Keurig goes to work, heating and brewing my coffee for me and within minutes my cup is full and waiting.

I've tried the hot cocoa in the Keurig. That's good too, but there is something about the coffee. It's so simple and easy to make! I look forward to my daily coffee break whenever I can. My son "J" tries to limit that time from me though. He is 13 months and is such a busy bee. Most times I have to reheat my perfect cup of coffee, which isn't the same as the first time it brewed, but still yummy.

My 2 cup a day has now turned to 4-6 cups! I am realizing that there may be an issue developing, especially when I see those little k-cups piling up... which by the way they do not look like they can be recycled. I will have to look into that.

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