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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sorry... I was lost.

Today feels like my 'new day'. I've somehow let the holiday treats creap into my every day life. I feel foolish for letting it take over my insecurities, I'm better than that! So today I am making the vow that I am (once again) in charge of those 'oh so good treats' and welcome the many fresh fruits and veggies that will pile into the grocery stores. Spring will be just around the corner and I will keep my eye out for those locally grown products. Of course I can't afford to buy locally grown produce, but I can splurge here and there. Farmer's Markets-- watch out!


  1. Local produce can actually be cheaper, depending on what you buy and when you buy it. If you buy food that grows well in your area at its peak season it's usually pretty affordable. And often the farmer's market has stuff that's organically grown, but not certified, so you're getting that for less, too. This is how I get all my blueberries - I buy big flats and freeze them, and they're much cheaper than any of the frozen blueberries at the grocery store, for much less. If you can do U-Pick (which I never manage, but some do) it's even cheaper still.

    Good luck!

  2. OK, I meant to say 'much BETTER than any of the frozen blueberries at the grocery store, for much less'. Must proofread before hitting 'Post Comment' next time.



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