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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soapy Business (3 of 5 Reviews)

My journey continues with my samples and this morning I chose the Dead Sea Body Bar.  I was excited to try this because many of the online reviews were very positive.  I couldn't wait to jump in the shower!
Description (provided by the seller):  The Dead Sea Body Bar contains natural exfoliating ingredients such as Dead Sea salts, Ground Luffa and Apricot Seeds, and Walnut Husk. Infused with essential minerals of Dead Sea mud as well as moisturizing oils, this body bar will detoxify and refresh your skin.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Dead Sea Salts, Dead Sea Mud, Ground Apricot Seeds, Walnut Husk, Ground Luffa, Seaweed Powder, Essential Oil Blend
I immediately started working the bar into a lather and noticed it didn't suds up like the others had.  I had to work the bar in my hands vigorously for a few seconds and then there was a lather.  As I rubbed the bar over my arms and legs, I noticed the exfoliants were incredibly harsh on my skin.  I tried to rub lightly but found the bar was just too rough and ended up using the soap on my feet as a pumice.  My feet were the only part of my body that could tollerate the tough ingredients of this soap.

I don't think this soap suits my skins needs, but would be a great addition to my foot care.

On a scale of 1-5 Bubbles, I'll give 2 Bubbles.

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