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Friday, January 15, 2010

Doin' Some Sole Searching

For shoes that is!

We didn't put J in shoes until he was about 11 months old. I prefer barefeet myself and I guess I never thought much about what my son would prefer. So throughout his infant days we'd maybe put some socks on him but that's about it.

Then there was the day Grandma brought him to the shoe store and bought him his first pair of sneakers. I felt a little sad that I missed out on that adventure with him, but I was okay with it. He's been wearing these shoes since that day and loves them. They are prewalkers, so the soles are almost like flip-flops. Very bendy and soft with two velcro strap over the top. Some days when we're home, he'll be padding around the living room in socks. Out of the corner of his eye he'll see his shoes on the stairs and run toward them. He picks them up with excitement and brings them over to me. I ask him, "Do you want to put your shoes on?" He squeals, "Yah-Yah!!" It's like the novelty of having them on his feet are so amusing to him, although I'm sure he feels more sturdy while walking around in them too.

Tomorrow is going to be my first experience buying those little shoes. Did I mention J loves shoes? :) I can only imagine what his expression will be like when we walk through the doors. "Ooshs!!!!" is what he'll say while pointing...

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