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Friday, January 15, 2010


There are 4 words I try to remind myself everyday. Remove, Restore, Rebalance, Replenish. I sometimes have a hard time focusing on these words and forget what they mean to me. Today I've been extremely focused on how to REBALANCE my life. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl so this is a hard one for me to do. This will also not necessarily affect my husband or son, this is something for only me.

After reading some inspirational advice from another blogger, I wrote a list of things that ramble through my brain. Things that I think, for now, I need to do in order for me to feel balanced. My list is as follows, in no particular order:

~Weed out clothes that I no longer wear (donate/toss/sell)
~Print & organize pics of J for 2009
~Maintain 2010 photos once a month
~Go back to having a weekly date night with my husband
~De-clutter monthly bills
~Take the cat to the vet (missed this one last year!)
~Walk! (30min-- 3x/week)
~Take a class: art(any form)/photography/yoga
~Read 1 book a month (join a book club?)
~Go out to lunch by myself once a month (defined as sitting in a restaurant at a table -- alone)
~Spend more time with J doing Mum & Me activities
~Create a garden in the yard (flowers or vegetables) Maybe both

My list may grow, but for now, this is where my mind is right now.
It's taken me over a year to acclimate my life to having a kid around and somewhere among the chaos I've lost a little of myself, yet gained a whole new dimension to myself. My priorities have changed but I need to squeeze a few old ones back into the mix.

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  1. You totally reminded me that my cat is due for a visit to the vet's. Thanks for that!

    Your list looks great. I could benefit from many of those actions myself, and not just the vet visit. Like taking a class for myself, or going to lunch by myself. I may need to steal this list, in fact.



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