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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I can drive a dump truck... who knew?!!!

Who can say no to this face?? Not me!

We have this very large Tonka toy dump truck and J loves to hope in, tuck his feet in the corners and hold tight to the rails of the bucket. I look at him and see him staring at me with a big grin. So I ask, "Do you want a ride?" He replies, "Yah-Yah!!" He's SOOO excited at the thought he squeals and giggles with glee.

The tires on the truck make this rumbling sound when we take the tour around the house. We have hardwood floors in our living room and tile in the kitchen. The few scatter rugs don't give much thrill so I try to make the truck spin around in circles. Apparently I've made this a huge event in our household that I cannot go a day without the dump truck tour around the house. And the faster I go with him, the louder the rumblings get, and the bigger the smile he has on that face of his. I am so exhausted by the time I'm done, but I know, he won't fit into this truck forever. So for now, I'm enjoying my time as the driver of J's Tonka.

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