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Monday, June 7, 2010

32 inches of love

You're growing up so fast!  And you're entering toddler-hood. 

You like to tell me what you don't like, when you don't like it, and of course you don't tell me WHY you don't like it.  But you have your voice and your personality speaks louder sometimes. 

You're my silly putty.  I give you squeezes even when you're not in the mood. 

I smooch you to say good bye... hello... good morning... and just because.

You like to lay on the floor with me.  You sit on my belly and think you can bounce on me.  You think it's funny when I tell you that's not funny.  You giggle and squeal and you plop down and wrap your arms around my shoulders. 

You show me you love me by playing with my hair with your drooly fingers. 

You like wearing hats, even if it's not sunny outside.  We put your hat on before we walk out the front door.  I carry you to make the trip to the car quicker than it would be if I let you walk on your own.

You're growing into a young boy so quickly.

You're 18 months old.

32 inches tall
22 lbs 12 oz

You have more love than I could ever imagine.

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