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Monday, June 28, 2010

Honesty is the best policy

I'm not a good liar.  I become too guilty when I try to lie.  People can see right through me.  So please, don't ask me to lie, ever. 

Apparently there are people who feel there is nothing wrong with lying.  They live their lies until they've become a reality.  But it's never really real, is it?  If you're living the lie, how could it be real?  Especially when there are multiple lies told and there are multiple people involved who are also being lied to, that's never a good combination.  The liar is always caught in their lies.  It may take time, but karma comes back. 

So if you lie, or are thinking about lying.  Please... PLEASE... think about why you're lying. 

I send my 19 month old son to a school five days a week.  I have to work, so he goes to school.  He loves the kids there.  Unfortunately there have been lies from the caregivers.  Lies about the laws, the rules, and the regulations.  The parents were kept in the dark with a lot of things, but after all the mothers received a call from the state, we have uncovered too many horrifying evidence of lies.  I do blame myself for not investigating things earlier on.  I wish I had been more involved with doing background checks.  I wish things didn't have to end, for the sake of the kids.

The state develops rules and guidelines for the kids.  And the kids alone.  Adults are not taken into consideration when the rules for the kids are involved.  The state watches out for the kids, that's their job.  I appreciate what they do for their job, but as a parent, I wish they could speak more frankly with me.  If I'm not hearing the truth from the owner, where can I hear the truth?

In time, I am sure, things will become good again.  But we're in limbo right now.  J's new school won't be available for him until this fall.  So we're stuck in a bubble and I'm having a hard time feeling grounded.

Do you have any horror stories from daycares?  Do you feel like sharing? 

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