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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Before I had my kid, I had no routine in my life.  Not because I didn't want one, but because I couldn't make a routine stick.  My routines last a few days to a week.  Then I lose my routine.  It's gone.  Like it never happened.  In fact I'm still this way today, when it comes to a routine for myself. 

However, the routines I have for my kid are a lot stronger.  Some may think I'm strict with the routine.  I don't view it like that, rather it's something my kid is expecting and I'm trying to keep things simple.  Routines keep my un-routine life in order.  Somehow, my kids routines have become what makes me, me.

Some days our routine is off.  Whether it's because J is teething, sick, or just not tired.  Our night time routine can fall off its tracks.  Sometimes our lunch schedule is late.  We eat too late, J's not hungry, or he falls asleep way to early and skips lunch all together.  Our routine falls apart. 

I have 1 kid.  When my routines fall apart, I feel I have enough leeway to rearrange my day to accommodate what J needs.  But what happens when I have baby #2?  I'm still a ways away from that answer, but I ask myself on occasion.

If you're into horoscopes:  I live with a Virgo (husband) and a Scorpio (son).  I'm an Aries.  You can imagine the sort of household we have together.  Routines are very important, and sometimes heated discussions arise.  But it's okay... I'm an Aries remember?

This morning J slept in and I actually had to wake him up 15 minutes before we had to walk out the door.  He needed to go to school so I could go to work.  I hate having to wake him up.  It's a rainy day here and it's perfect for sleeping in.  Unfortunately we couldn't.  We had a routine and needed to get going.  I should have woke him up a few minutes earlier so he could adjust to his day, but I didn't. 

Routines can be fickle like that.  When you think you can become relaxed on a particular routine, something bounces back in your face and reminds you there are other responsibilities that require your attention. 

So on this particular rainy and cold morning, I had to remember the routine.  Sometimes we need a day to have a routine-free day.  Unfortunately, today is not the day.

What about you?  Do you have routines that come and go?  Or do they stick?

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